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Variantz is a managed IoT Cloud Platform that makes use of Contextual Intelligence and Hyper Reality for Residential Homes & Estates to securely interact with cloud applications, smart appliances, and autonomous devices.
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Reziden is the application built for Residential Estate Services Management designed to unify Home Owners, Residents Estate Management and Property Developers. With the "Login Once, Access Infinite Residential Estates"​ feature, users can manage multiple properties at one-go. It is available in multiple Asian languages.

Variantz is now in progress to create a comprehensive ecosystem that will connect various users to facilitate a seamless smart, scalable, standardized yet personalized living experience.
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Home & Facilities Cloud Software, Cloud Software for Property Developers, Residential Estate Cloud Software, Commercial Estate Cloud Software, Enterprise Workspace Cloud Software, Real Estate Digital Transformation, Variantz | Reziden, Variantz | Premiz
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Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
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Opti is building the Internet of Stormwater to protect our water resources.
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Solair (Microsoft)
Solair intend to achieve better business through Internet of Things (IoT). Their goal is to address business needs through the delivery of best-in-breed and end-to-end IoT solutions, ingrained in their commitment to realize their customers’ vision. Solair is an application platform for the IoT that makes your business smarter by connecting it to your products through compelling IoT applications. Year Founded: 2011
Raima delivers high-performance embedded database technology for both in-memory database usage and persistent storage devices. Raima’s core focus is to develop database management solutions for everything from small embedded devices up to enterprise level hardware systems.Year founded: 1982
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