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As the Würzburg-based software manufacturer of the low-code platform Simplifier, they enable the sustainable digitalization of business processes. Their core competence lies in the configurative creation (low-code) of integrated enterprise applications based on modern and innovative (web) technologies. This enables their customers and partners to sustainably create integrated business and IoT applications in order to implement Digitization strategies more efficiently. Not only can existing system landscapes, machines and systems be integrated, but applications can also be created independently of devices and operating systems without a great deal of programming effort. Simplifier is therefore suitable for both the Digitization of internal business processes and the development of new digital business models.
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Low Code Platform for integrated business and IoT applications:
* Web-based, collaborative app-creation
* App-in-app and multidevice concept
* Flexible integration layer
* Only low-code platform for OpenUI5
* Over-the-Air and Real-Time Updates
* No Vendor Lock-in
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Thyssenkrupp, Siemens, Bosch, Porsche, Daimler, Dell, Deloitte
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Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
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Programmable IoT Edge Gateway Certified for Microsoft Azure and Mymote Cloud for management are the building blocks for your connected applications. Zero investment, focus on application and start your IoT business today with Iomote.
Vegam Solutions
Vegam Solutions
Vegam is an ‘Industry 4.0’ enabler, offering platforms and solutions to transform manufacturing plants into smart-connected factories. Man, Machine and transactions are all connected working in a harmony. Real time transactions brings in transparency and helps decision makers view complex data in simple visuals with actionable recommendations. Vegam 4iTM forms the central piece of Vegam Industry 4.0 solutions, offering modules & plugins to transform all aspects of manufacturing plant. Vegam ZingTM enables advanced visualization, KPI’s and 3D Real time overlay of information onto Factory Visuals. Vegam LabelTM offers complete labeling needs of the manufacturing plant, helping support compliance needs.
Axonize is an IoT backend-as-a-service platform. Their breakthrough architecture enables offering multiple applications in multiple industries with minimal time and effort. Axonize offer unparalleled depth and richness of business logic via simple configuration and without specialized backend development resources. Their customer-authored plugins allow creating any additional business logic at any level of the system.Axonize is developed by leading IoT backend server development veterans who decided to develop it one last time and offer it as a service.
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