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Since 2009, Intellinium has been investing and developing technologies dedicated to protecting people and asset through IoT, IIoT, smart PPE or other types of smart equipment for industry 4.0 or smart consumers.

Be protected and connected anytime anywhere with smart PPE equipment, beacons or wearables AI-based powered by our patented technologies.

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Smart PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that can protect and save worker's life. We started by transforming traditional safety shoes into connected safety shoes knowing that this device will be hub for others smart PPE such as smart gloves or smart watch.

Leveraging the best state-of-the-art embedded hardware & software technologies, we have been following a virtualization strategy consisting in replacing "different legacy equipment" (such as man-down or panic button) into "safety apps". By doing that, we are making obsolete most of legacy equipment meaning less weight, less hardware waste and less cost.

The following safety apps are already available:

  • Smart Man-Down with integrated doubt removal. Once the shoes detect that the worker either has fallen or is still for too long, the shoes vibrates to give the user a way to cancel the alert. If the user doesn’t answer the warning, the alert is automatically sent.
  • Smart Panic Button with integrated doubt removal. End-User can send a “MAY DAY” (immediate assistance request) to alert his employer or colleagues.
  • Mass Alert Emergency notification with worker real-time acknowledge and position.
  • Remote equipment status check.
  • Battery level alert.
  • Bi-Directional communication channel workers/workers and workers/organisation.
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Wearables are smart electronic devices that can be incorporated into clothing or worn on the body as implants/accessories
Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
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The Zephyr Project Announces Major Technical Milestone with New Long Term Support Code Release
Google News Canada - 18 Apr, 2019
Referenced Companies: Linux Foundation, Arm, Intel, Nordic Semiconductor, Antmicro
Keywords: Wearables, Real-Time Operating System, Cyber Security
The Zephyr Project Announces Major Technical Milestone with New Long Term Support Code Release
PR Newswire - 17 Apr, 2019
Referenced Companies: Linux Foundation, Arm, Intel, Nordic Semiconductor, Antmicro
Keywords: Real-Time Operating System, Wearables, Cyber Security
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WORKERBASE is a platform to optimize manual work in Industry4.0. It has been created after 18 months of research at the global R&D unit of a large conglomerate company active in the fields of industry, energy and infrastructure solutions. We have spent many days in factories talking to managers and workers and observing how work is performed today. We have identified several areas in which manual work processes could be improved and bundled our research results into the WORKERBASE platform.Our founding team has a combined experience of more than 30 years in IT, manufacturing, mobile and product development. Modern software architectureOur services run on a modern event-based software architecture that allows for integration of any existing system. Hardware and Software PlatformWe do not stop at the software level but go the last mile to deliver and end-to-end platform that is optimized for your needs. Strong industry backgroundOur team brings a wealth of combined IT and manufacturing experience to craft state-of-the-art solutions for manufacturing problems. Optimize before you automateInstead of jumping directly to a total automation scenario you can easily harvest existing benefits using our platform. Using wearables to get work doneWhen equipped with the right software stack, wearable devices offer a strong unique interaction platform for the worker.
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