Accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things
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Digital strategy to algorithm economy
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Algarytm is an award winning mobile solutions provider trusted by companies like ABB, Medtronic, Tennant Co, Kraft (Mondelez), Hallmark, and Hunter Douglas, with simple yet transformational solutions that people love to use. By combining ORACLE ERP software and mobile solutions with over 100 plus mobile app project implementation experience, Algarytm helps organizations redefine and reinvent business processes across the wholesale, retail, manufacturing, finance, transportation and logistics industries.

Focusing on enterprise mobility with a heavy emphasis on design thinking, performance, and security, Algarytm’s complete suite of 100+ mobile solutions help customers lead the algorithm economy. Algarytm is a proud partner of Capriza, Microsoft/Xamarin, Airwatch, Ionic, GOOD, Oracle and SAP.
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Detect problems in advance, decrease downtime and improve your bottom line with our predictive maintenance solution powered by the IoT, mobile, cloud and big data. We can help you from predictive maintenance strategy to execution and support.

With advances in technology, predictive maintenance is neither science fiction nor rocket science. It requires nothing more than sensors to measure things such as speed, movement/oscillation, temperature, humidity, and more. We can read these measurements through Raspberry Pi software and connect with frontend applications that provide you with actionable insights. These sensors cost around $50 per unit and Raspberry Pi is an open source program. For $50,000 or less, you can run a predictive maintenance program and create millions of dollars in new business and productivity.

For example, we helped a manufacturer of heavy machinery develop a mobile application for customers designed to allow users to see which parts are nearing their end of life. With this information, users can schedule an appointment with the service technician and order the correct parts long before the manufacturer’s technician arrives to service the equipment.
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Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
Developing custom software for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
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Saffron Technology (Intel)
Saffron Technology (Intel)
Saffron Technology, Inc., a technology company headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, develops cognitive computing systems that use incremental learning to understand and unify by entity (person, place or thing) the connections between an entity and other “things” in data, along with the context of their connections and their raw frequency counts. This approach provides a semantic and statistical representation of knowledge. Saffron learns from all sources of data including structured and unstructured data to support knowledge-based decision making. Its patented technology captures the connections between data points at the entity level and stores these connections in an associative memory. Similarity algorithms and predictive analytics are then combined with the associative index to identify patterns in the data. Saffron’s Natural Intelligence platform is utilized by Global 1000 companies across industries including manufacturing, energy, defense and healthcare, to help decision-makers manage risks, identify opportunities and anticipate future outcomes, thus reducing cost and increasing productivity. Competitors include IBM Watson and Grok.
Thingswise was founded in Chicago in 2015. Thingswise help their customers turn industrial asset data into insights; They work with customers to enable intelligent industrial operations.They provide a compact and complete platform solution for streaming data collection, processing, analytics and visualization targeted for broad industrial use cases.They are busy working with customers across industrial sectors to solve their present problems and deliver immediate benefits to their operations.They enable their customers to realize the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things.
CONTACT Software GmbH
CONTACT Software GmbH
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