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Keltour Controls

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 Keltour Controls - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Keltour had several key issues they were looking to address in a new system.

Time-tracking limitations required accounting and payroll to re-enter staff hours after they were submitted. This caused several hours of additional work every week and resulted in a one-week lag in job labor costing and reporting. 

Better tracking and real-time monitoring of their manufacturing data was needed. Finally, they needed to tie in to accounting data for better visibility of their WIP and project invoicing.

The Customer

Keltour Controls

About The Customer

Keltour Controls has specialized in control panel manufacturing for thousands of domestic and international customers. Expanding their offerings they now also engineer, design, integrate, program, and commission systems in most major industries.

The Solution

Keltour originally implemented Total ETO 18 years prior but was using an old version, which no longer met their needs. Unaware of the upgrades made to Total ETO over the years, Keltour tried implementing another system but was unable to get it working properly. There was no math linking, no logic, and no vendor support to help resolve problems.

Returning to Total ETO, they installed the newest version. Everyone was familiar and comfortable with it, so it was easy to start using again. In the end, it was an easy decision and they immediately saw improvements in their processes.

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