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Enabling Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation

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 Enabling Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation - IoT ONE Case Study
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The Customer
About The Customer
ENGIE provides individuals, cities and businesses with highly efficient and innovative solutions largely based on its expertise in four key sectors: renewable energy, energy efficiency, liquefied natural gas and digital technology. ENGIE employs approxima
The Challenge
Global energy leader ENGIE is implementing an ambitious digital transformation strategy that is vital to the Fortune Global 500 company’s plan to confront the major challenges posed by climate change and promote people’s access to reliable, innovative, socially responsible, low carbon, and decentralized energy. To do this, ENGIE plans to invest €1.5 billion in new businesses and digital over the next three years.
The Solution
After a thorough review process, ENGIE selected C3 IoT as its strategic partner to provide the technology foundation for its enterprise-wide digital transformation. Since the joint press conference in Paris announcing the agreement in June, ENGIE and C3 IoT have initiated an aggressive roadmap enabling ENGIE to immediately leverage C3 IoT’s high-performance, integrated, enterprise-scale IoT analytics and application development platform. In addition to using C3 IoT’s pre-built SaaS applications, ENGIE will develop and deploy custom applications on the C3 IoT Platform across all of ENGIE’s 24 business units worldwide.

This unified application suite and shared IoT platform will accelerate business integration and leverage economies of scale by capturing functional best practices and expertise within and across business lines and providing the ability to benchmark, rationalize, and share the benefits of comprehensive data across geographies and industries.

Additionally, ENGIE and C3 IoT are partnering to establish ENGIE’s Digital Factory, a global Center of Excellence that unites highly skilled data scientists, developers, and business analysts to create a self-sustaining group of 100 experts knowledgeable in analytics and data – as well as ENGIE’s organization and operations – to propagate techniques and expertise across ENGIE worldwide.

C3 IoT is training a dedicated ENGIE team to become expert implementers of the C3 IoT Platform and applications in order to meet ENGIE’s goal of increasing shared functional expertise, unifying product strategy, and delivering operational data consistently across ENGIE’s lines of business.

During a recent visit to C3 IoT’s headquarters, ENGIE CIO and Chief Digital Officer Yves Le Gelard sat down for a video interview to explain ENGIE’s mission and why C3 IoT is an essential partner enabling ENGIE’s digital transformation.

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