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Digital Transformation of Haymarket Media Limited with AWS

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About The Customer
Haymarket Media Limited, part of the Haymarket Media Group, is a Hong Kong-based media specialist publisher of both print-based and online magazines. In Asia, the company’s titles include AsianInvestor, Campaign, CEI, FinanceAsia, and Corporate Treasurer. Haymarket Media Limited also runs events, organizing Spikes Asia—which recognizes the best creative output across the region— in partnership with global B2B media company Ascential plc and the organizer of Cannes Lions. The company was looking to build a digital strategy to offset the decline in print and needed to analyze customer behavior online to make content more relevant.
The Challenge
Hong Kong-based Haymarket Media Limited, a leading media specialist publisher, was facing the challenge of building a digital strategy to offset the decline in print. The company needed to analyze customer behavior online to understand what stories were being read and how recipients were interacting with their email messages. The goal was to make content more relevant by understanding how customers were engaging across multiple digital channels. The challenge was to build an analytics platform, Haymarket Piccolo, to provide customer insight. However, the infrastructure costs of running digital and technology solutions from an on-premises collocation site were becoming a concern. The company needed an alternative solution to run its analytics platform that could scale at low cost as the platform ingested larger amounts of customer-related data.
The Solution
Haymarket Media engaged with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build its analytics platform, Haymarket Piccolo, on the cloud. The platform features AWS services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for compute capacity, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for Microsoft SQL Server databases, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). The platform tracks emails and traffic across Haymarket Media publications, with data streams from the websites collated in Amazon Kinesis and then deposited in Amazon S3. The data is then transformed and moved into an Amazon Redshift data warehouse. Data from emails is loaded directly into Amazon S3 using AWS Lambda, and transformed before being moved to Amazon Redshift. The team also started to use Amazon Machine Learning to create machine-learning models for customer-behavior predictions.
Operational Impact
  • With the implementation of Haymarket Piccolo on AWS, Haymarket Media can tailor content more effectively and improve services to customers. Editors of its publications use the engine to measure the popularity of articles online, gaining a better understanding of how users are interacting with the articles. This information is used to generate content that is more relevant and valuable to customers. The analytics platform also provides valuable information on the success of the emails that Haymarket Media sends out each month. Based on data about opened emails and clicked links, sales personnel can predict which of the recipients are good leads for upselling services. Offline data captured during events organized by Haymarket Media is also uploaded, forming a 360-degree view of the customer-base.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Haymarket Media cut technology costs by 50 percent by moving to AWS.
  • The company reduced technology management time by up to 30 percent by using AWS.
  • The platform currently holds about 300 GB of raw data.

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