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Deliver On Time Sensitive Foreign Exchange Project

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 Deliver On Time Sensitive Foreign Exchange Project - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Foreign exchange (forex) trading is not for the faint of heart; each day, ultra-high speed platforms move $5.3 trillion in trades across the globe. Milliseconds mean millions. Every network link is a lifeline, connecting institutional traders to their markets. Successfully designing and deploying such links—even under the best circumstances— takes a high degree of technical experience and expertise. Add a compressed deadline and zero margins for error and you’ll also need a flawless partnership.


  1. Provide fast and secure connections for foreign exchange trading.
  2. Deliver latency equalization for a level playing field.
  3. Installing an underground OSP without the ability to test before deployment.
The Customer
About The Customer

Equinix provides multi-tenant data center space and interconnection services for some of the world’s largest forex service providers. 

The Solution

Realizing the technical complexity required, Equinix turned to CommScope. Over the past several years, the two companies have collaborated on numerous multi-tenant data center (MTDC) projects. In June 2017, Equinix became the first partner to sign on to CommScope’s MTDC Alliance, a cooperative program that now includes six of the largest MTDC providers and nearly 100 service, installation, and integration partners worldwide. 

As CommScope engineers worked through the technical issues, Equinix focused on logistics and ensuring their service provider’s team was kept up to date. 

Looking forward, the project’s success is good news for high-speed financial platforms and their trading partners. It demonstrates that latency equalization in the outside plant is certainly doable. 

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