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Open Fog Consortium

Open Fog Consortium
United States
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
40+ Companies
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Our work is centered around creating a framework for efficient & reliable networks and intelligent endpoints combined with identifiable, secure, and privacy-friendly information flows between clouds, endpoints and services based on open standard technologies.
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The growth in IoT is explosive, impressive – and unsustainable under current architectural approaches. Many IoT deployments face challenges related to latency, network bandwidth, reliability and security, which cannot be addressed in cloud-only models. Fog computing adds a hierachy of elements between the cloud and endpoint devices, and between devices and gateways, to meet these challenges in a high performance, open and interoperable way.

The OpenFog Consortium work is done by committees and workgroups focused on specific tasks aligned to our mission. This work includes technical work; influencing standards development through liaisons with other organizations; testbeds; promoting innovation and industry interest in fog computing; and industry education.

The goal of the OpenFog Consortium is to create an open reference architecture for fog computing, build operational models and testbeds, define and advance technology, educate the market and promote business development through a thriving OpenFog ecosystem.

The work of the OpenFog Consortium is done by its members, with specific deliverables organized by the Working Committees and Working Groups.

Our goals are related to the technologies, innovation and market potential for fog computing. On the technical front, OpenFog Consortium workgroups are creating an open architecture for fog computing that is necessary to enable interoperability and scalability. We are working with our academia and research members to identify, share and apply best practices in advanced technologies around fog computing.

Through a diverse set of members, we are creating an environment where different perspectives and requirements will foster innovation and wide interoperability within the industry. Just as cloud has created new business models, growth and industries, fog computing can eventually do the same.
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Princeton University
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Helder Antunes, Chairman

Jeff Fedders, President

Matt Vasey, VP Business Development, Secretary and Treasurer
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