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Future Cities Catapult

Future Cities Catapult
United Kingdom
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Project based
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We are the Future Cities Catapult, a global centre of excellence on urban innovation. A place where cities, businesses and universities come together to develop solutions to the future needs of our cities.

We’re one of seven ‘Catapults’ launched by the UK’s Technology Strategy Board. The aim for each of them is to become a world-leading innovation centre in its own specialist area. In doing this, we will help UK businesses develop the products and services that cities will need in the future, and then sell them to the world.

Our Catapult is all about urban innovation. We’re focussed squarely on the challenge of urban integration: how cities can take a more joined-up approach to the way they plan and operate.
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Based in the heart of London, our role is to get people working together to solve real challenges faced by real cities right now.

Cities sharing what’s worked for them in the past. Companies and universities working together. New innovations being road tested at scale. New solutions getting to market. Teaming up to remove barriers to innovation. The Future Cities Catapult is a neutral space where all this happens.

We’re making London the place to come for cities that need help with urban innovation. And we’re also driving future economic growth in the process. Because we’re based in London we unlock global markets for British business, and help UK businesses create the products and services that cities need around the world.

We help other organisations accelerate their urban ideas to market, to help make cities healthier, safer, more efficient places, whilst also growing the UK economy. We bring together businesses, universities and city leaders that understand the problems that cities face, now and in the future. Then, we provide additional support with our multidisciplinary team and world-class facilities to help them create the most effective solutions.

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