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Digital Manufacturing and Innovation Institute (DMDII)

Digital Manufacturing and Innovation Institute (DMDII)
United States
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DMDII is reinventing manufacturing for the 21st century. Through applied research and demonstration projects, training and workforce development, and education and outreach, it will infuse advanced digital technologies and big data into today’s manufacturing practices to ensure America will remain on the cutting edge – creating new jobs and strengthening the economy.

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The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute is a unique public-private partnership acting as a world-class, first-of-its-kind manufacturing hub. Based in Chicago, the Institute has the capabilities, innovative spirit and collaborative expertise to transform American manufacturing. Companies can participate on project teams that compete for funds from federal and corporate sources to implement innovative solutions to their manufacturing challenges. Manufacturers can also assess their company’s digital capabilities and benchmark yourself against similar manufacturers. Digital manufacturing and design is the ability to connect different parts of the manufacturing life-cycle through data, and to utilize that information to make smarter, more efficient business decisions. Our institute will increase economic development, generate greater innovation through competitive R&D programs, and expand educational opportunities in digital manufacturing. Just as digital technologies have reconstituted the entertainment, communications and financial sectors, digital technologies are now in the process of transforming the way parts, components and complete systems can be designed and manufactured.

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