CalAmp Case Studies Utility Company Saves $1M With Wireless Communications

Utility Company Saves $1M With Wireless Communications

Utility Company Saves $1M With Wireless Communications
Construction & Buildings
Quality Assurance
Process Control & Optimization (PCO)

PacifiCorp needed to monitor a 10-mile stretch of canal near the North Umpqua River 24/7 to prevent environmental damage. A reliable solar powered communications device with a small enough footprint to fit inside protective cabinets needed to be managed remotely when engineers are not available to make adjustments to the device directly.

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PacifiCorp is one of the West's leading utilities, serving approximately 1.7 million customers in six states, covering 136,000 square miles.

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The Viper, a robust communication link with a ruggedized case, is able to withstand Oregon’s weather conditions and is small enough to fit inside the compact, stainless steel cabinets that reside along the canal. Additionally, the Viper can be accessed and managed remotely by engineering teams at headquarters in Portland.

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Asset Status Tracking, Labor Costs, Man Hours, Reportable Environmental Incidents, Uptime
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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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[Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
Real-time status reports enable maintenance personnel to remotely diagnose the status of a canal.
[Efficiency Improvement - Production Uptime]
Real-time visibility, monitoring, and control of equipment 200 miles away improves asset uptime while minimizing labor costs.

Instead of spending $1M to build a fiber cable to transfer data, the Viper solution cost PacifiCorp $200,000.

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