Mender Case Studies OTA Software Updates for Smart Energy (gridX)

OTA Software Updates for Smart Energy (gridX)

OTA Software Updates for Smart Energy (gridX)
Product Development
Process Control & Optimization (PCO)

gridX has a requirement for over-the-air software updates for their gridBox devices and used the Yocto Project for their builds. The driver for the requirement was having the ability to quickly support new features, as well as deploying bug fixed and path known security vulnerabilities. New software updates with a US stick manually to all gridBox devices in the field would be prohibitively expensive and labor-intensive.

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gridX is the first truly digital and decentralised energy supplier that matches prosumers of renewable energy with consumers. The gridX gateway, called gridBox, is an Internet of Things device that interconnects renewables such as solar plants and storage systems, forming a decentralized network of energy as a virtual power plant.

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Mender as a rich feature set while being a end-to-end open source, hence being the only solution that provided both components while allowing users to avoid vendor lock-in. Atomic updates with built-in rollback is a key requirement. We need to make sure our devices continue to work with automated rollback if the update didn't take for any reason. Mender provided that crucial capability. - Joel Hermanns, CIO of gridX

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Data Security, Energy Consumption Rate, Solar Power
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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Quickly provide new features over-the-air for customers
[Efficiency Improvement - Labor]
Fleet-wide management elimiates manual effort to update devices 1-to-1
[Efficiency Improvement - Deployment]
Automated rollback provides confidence deploying OTA software updates
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