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Auvesy Case Studies Data management as a part of your cybersecurity strategy

Data management as a part of your cybersecurity strategy

Data management as a part of your cybersecurity strategy
Equipment & Machinery
Coordinating data in the age of digitalisation presents a real challenge, especially where production facilities are concerned. The task of maintaining the many and varied components used in production also entails working with a wide variety of different software packages (editors)

Each change that is made to the software results in a new version that has to be securely stored – versions need to be properly managed and there can only ever be one version that is the latest authorised version.

But how can you make sure that all changes that were made to the software now running on the machine/device were authorised?
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For all devices from any manufacturer
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What are the benefits of AUVESY’s data management and software solution, versiondog, when it comes to version control and change management?
versiondog – YOUR SOLUTION
Access all data necessary to create a complete backup
Categorise backups according to content, storage location and identifiers
Detect changes – SmartCompare – display differences in comprehensible form
Document changes and make it easy for users to track changes throughout a project’s lifecycle
Automatically check whether the versions currently running in production are the correct ones
Ensure that users are working with the latest version

Standardised interfaces
Comparison between backup & backup
Comparison between backup & version
Comparison between version & version
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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An important piece of the puzzle of your cyber security strategy
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