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WhaleDI 支持综合能源智能服务

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 WhaleDI Supports Integrated Energy Smart Services - IoT ONE Case Study
  • 分析与建模 - 大数据分析
  • 平台即服务 (PaaS) - 数据管理平台
  • 零售
  • 电信
  • 运输
  • 数据科学服务
  • 软件设计与工程服务


  • 数据难用:在数据量爆炸式增长的同时,数据烟囱依然存在。据相关机构统计分析,由于数据孤岛、分析能力不足,约80%的数据没有得到有效利用。
  • 需求多样化、多变:供需双方、生产环节、业务部门对数据使用的需求不同。业务场景复杂,容错性低,难以打通CPS(信息物理系统)。
  • 持续运营能力不足:业务应用和数据建设分离,数据服务无法应对业务的快速变化,导致运营服务缺乏深度和广度,客户满意度大幅下降。
  • 安全性能不匹配:综合能源服务需要广泛访问客户数据,难以避免内外部网络之间的数据交互安全问题。


  • [Data Management - Data Access]

    Lean energy management: WhaleDI aggregates and integrates multi-industry, multi-enterprise, multi-level and multi-type energy data, forms a smart energy data view through data fusion and orchestration, and uses WhaleDI AI factory to conduct online energy consumption related models, training, management, optimization, subscription, and effectively solve the three major energy difficulties: 1) the difficulty of comprehensive energy consumption index statistics; 2) the difficulty of locating the root cause of excessive energy consumption; 3) the difficulty of active control and prediction of energy consumption, so that statistics can be checked and located.

  • [Product Improvement - Scalability]

    Smart decision-making on energy use: based on the comprehensive energy consumption index system and customer detailed portraits constructed by WhaleDI, it can help energy companies summarize the energy consumption characteristics of customers in different industries in the actual business process and explore potential customers for comprehensive energy services. , promote the development of targeted and personalized comprehensive energy service business, provide targeted users with accurate and scientific guidance on energy use, increase user stickiness, and facilitate intelligent decision-making on energy use.

  • [Data Management - Data Availability]

    WhaleDI provides customers with mature digital intelligence platforms, engines and operation services. While realizing integrated digital intelligence operations and improving the operational efficiency of enterprise data intelligence applications, it helps enterprises quickly establish a digital architecture and accelerate digital transformation with limited resources and trial costs.

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