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Use Cases Track and Trace for Industrial Tools & Assets

Track and Trace for Industrial Tools & Assets

Track and trace for industrial tools refer to systems capable of recognizing and reporting the location and status of tools in a facility. Today's production of industrial and consumer goods requires exacting work. Precise application of pressure or torque is required in many industries and operator errors can cause costly defects. Track and trace technology can improve production safety, quality, and productivity.

The goal of ‘Track and Trace’ is to manage handheld power tools in manufacturing and maintenance environments more efficiently.

Asset tracking is currently done via barcode and a variety of manual steps in most cases. However, new solutions leveraging smart tags, near-field communication (NFC), and RFID are coming to market to globally track all varieties of objects in real time.


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Remotely Control Industrial Spray Pump Maximize Efficiency
Remotely Control Industrial Spray Pump Maximize Efficiency
Graco industrial sprayer customers needed real-time data to maximize utilization of assets and crews, to deter unauthorized use of equipment, to keep equipment in top condition, and to provide more accurate job estimates and billing statements.
Fully Automated Identification for Alping Italia
Fully Automated Identification for Alping Italia
Full material traceability ensures process reliability in production and it is a major building block for the economic success of manufacturing companies. To optimise production management, automated identification systems with tags which have barcodes printed on them are now increasingly used in production facilities and warehouses. This ensures full control from the receipt of raw materials to the finishing of the products and shipping. The steel industry in particular, is a difficult environment and the labels and tags that ensure full material traceability have to withstand extreme conditions. Raw materials and products have rough surfaces. In addition, the data carriers are exposed to enormous heat and heavy soiling. And last but not least, the whole identification process always has to be carried out under time pressure.
Electric Imp Launches Cellular IoT Connection Support
Electric Imp Launches Cellular IoT Connection Support
Without continuous connectivity, real-time data is really hard to deliver for any cloud service provider. The number of IoT devices with cellular connections will nearly quadruple over the next five years with increasing LTE subscriptions and access to 5G networks, according to Ericsson’s bi-annual Mobility Report. At the same time, ensuring reliable connectivity, while being mindful of security and device management as IoT implementations scale, continues to be a challenge for industrial IoT use cases.

The track and trace solutions market is projected to reach USD 3.93 billion by 2023 from USD 1.65 billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 18.9%.

Source: Markets & Markets 

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