Use Cases Smart Vending: Live Data for Optimal Returns

Smart Vending: Live Data for Optimal Returns

Smart Vending: Live Data for Optimal Returns


Imagine you have a fleet of 1000 vending coffee machines. To keep up with demand, the vending machines need to be continuously operational, with as little downtime as possible. Considering that supplies run out at different rates, refilling them regularly can result in some machines being unstocked and others being refilled earlier than necessary. In order to not lose out on potential sales and keep the delivery costs down, it is important to keep track of what needs refilling and when.


Integrating a vending machine with our Cloud Wallet API allows assigning individual accounts to each inventory item, no matter what it is measured in. 

Accurate Data When You Need It

Separate wallets for coffee beans, milk, water, and paper cups can monitor expenses and provide you with accurate information about the level of inventory at any point in time. Another wallet is created for collecting payments from sales. You can see how it all works using our interactive simulation of a Cloud Wallet integrated coffee vending machine. 

Initially, the machine is pre-loaded with all the necessary ingredients. Each available drink type has its own price and uses up a different amount of ingredients. Every time a customer buys a cup of coffee, the cash wallet increases in value, and in exchange, the relevant ingredient wallets are expensed during the brewing process. 

Furthermore, the whole transaction will be completed only if each operation in it can be performed. Should any single operation be impossible, the whole transaction will fail without affecting any wallet. This, for example, makes it impossible to brew anything except black coffee if the machine runs out of milk.

The inventory wallets can store both the physical quantity of an ingredient and its monetary value. When the machine is refilled, the supplier's wallet will be credited for the value of the goods he restocked. If the machine used up 1000 ml of milk worth 2 USD, then, when restocked, the transfer will be recorded to the supplier’s wallet from its revenue wallet. 

Optimize Your Vending Business

Planning and routing deliveries based on actual inventory levels minimizes the time vending machines spent unstocked which maximizes the number of potential sales. Restocking wise, delivering only the necessary ingredients lowers the cost of transportation and increases capacity by avoiding unneeded trips. 

Monitoring all transactions with dedicated wallets increases transparency and allows us to evaluate the realistic financial performance of an individual vending machine. You can easily monitor its financial metrics and compare it to others to make a well-informed decision whether the machine should be moved to a better location.

No matter how many vending machines or IoT devices you are managing, with up to date information at your fingertips, you can easily optimize your operation with a quick and easy integration with Cloud Wallet.


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