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Intelligent Packaging

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Intelligent packaging consists of packaging that includes some type of identification tag that can be automatically tracked as the packaging move across the supply chain. Commonly used technologies include RFID, QR codes, Near Field Communication (NFC), and cloud based applications. The objective in connecting boxes, pallets, and batches is to reduce costs, supply chain inefficiencies, and mistakes, while improving understanding how where and when products are sold to end customers. Intelligence is added to the supply chain where previously there was guesswork. Goods can be tracked from A to B; perishables can be monitored and kept in optimum conditions; and counterfeit products can be sorted from genuine ones before they hit the shelves. Manufacturing processes can also benefit by receiving information about problems related to product batches that passed through their manufacturing lines. At the retail level, intelligence packaging can enhance consumer experiences through interactive or technology-driven features, often via a mobile application, improving consumer engagement with products.

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