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Use Cases Geofencing


Geofencing is a technology that uses GPS or RFID to define geographical boundaries. It allows administrators to set up triggers such as push notifications or email alerts when a device crosses a “geofence” and enters or exits an area.


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What is the business value of this IoT use case and how is it measured?
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How does this use case impact an organization’s performance?

Users may also offer peer reviews of locations which add a layer of user generated content.

Organizations must consider strategies to use to promote marketing campaigns or increase customer acquisitions.

How is the success of this use case measured for users and for the business?

The success may vary depending on the use of geofencing.

Where is the ’edge’ of the use case deployed?

Geofencing applications can collect a historical view of consumer habits and preferences over time. From a marketing standpoint, organizations can recommend a larger variety of targeted marketing materials in real time.


Which technologies are used in a system and what are the critical technology?
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What sensors are typically used to provide data into the IoT system, and which factors define their deployment?

RFID tags or GPS signals.

What factors define the trustworthiness of this use case?

Receiving “triggers” such as notifications or alerts when users enter or leave the geofence


What data is obtained by the system and what are the critical data management decision points?
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How is data obtained by the system?

RFID tags or GPS signals. Some applications, users can peer review locations which adds a layer of user-generated content. Such feedback is valuable for organizations


What business, integration, or regulatory challenges could impact deployment?
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What business challenges could impact deployment?

How to utilize the data provided and coming up with strategies to increase customer acquisition.

What integration challenges could impact deployment?

Overcoming indoor navigation and making it simple to follow directions on a mobile device.


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