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Gas and Water Meter Reading

Gas and Water Meter Reading
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These smart meters will provide a wealth of information that can help utilities and their consumers in many ways – from allowing fully automated billing based on time of use or network status (e.g., with prices rising and falling according to peak and trough usage) to enabling meter-to-appliance communications to help change consumer energy behavior.
Currently, new flourishing technological developments have simplified and made more accessible applications that can help companies and households cut costs. In the case of gas and water meters, RF communication is an increasing requirement because of the increasing availability of AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) architecture, with the smart electricity meter often acting as the gateway to the utility for meter reading. Gas and water meters will communicate to the smart meter over the Home Area Network (HAN).

With these utilities communicating with each other, the consumer has a heightened understanding of his expenses and how they are related to his concrete energy usage. He can then use this information to adjust his behavior and thus lower his expenses while simultaneously avoiding needlessly wasting energy. In addition, utilities companies can use this information to improve their billing capabilities by gaining a comprehensive perception of consumer behavior.

Smaller and cheaper sensors, used in tandem with elaborate and expansive software allow users to reap significant benefits from smart meters. This must be complemented however by the utilization of advanced security systems to ensure that data cannot be tampered with.

Benefits: Better understanding of expenses, heightened ability to cut expenses, avoid wasting electricity
-OPEX Reduction
-Overhead Reduction
Environmental Protection
Close to 1B smart meters installed by 2020
Revenues from smart meters and grids expected to grow ten-fold from 2014-2021
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