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Use Cases Energy Usage and Billing Information

Energy Usage and Billing Information

Smart meters are essential to efficient energy consumption and a key part of the smart grid infrastructure. Smart meters help consumers stay fully informed about their daily energy use and eliminate wasteful routines or get rid of inefficient appliances.

For utility companies, the real-time visibility into energy consumption process translates into accurate billing data and the ability to balance demand against supply via flexible pricing and other policies.

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IoT based Energy Quality Availability Monitoring Solution
IoT based Energy Quality Availability Monitoring Solution
There were several challenges faced:Since this data would be in the public domain, accuracy and authenticity of this data were of paramount importance. It should be able to withstand scrutiny.It is challenging to build an appliance that can withstand a wide range of voltage fluctuations from as low at 90v to as high as 320v. Since the device would be installed in remote locations, its resilience was of paramount importance.The device would have to deal with poor network coverage and have the ability to store and re-transmit data if networks were not available, which is often the case in rural India. The device could store up to 30 days of data.The platform that deals with the data should be readily available and highly reliable and never lose a packet of data.
Techem cost-effective way to increase energy efficiency
As the market leader in remote radio metering of energy consumption in homes and commercial buildings, Techem is driving integration and digital processes in the property sector. The company had been using radio-based technology for this for many years. Meter readers used a ‘walk-by’ process to collect readings from electric meters using mobile devices. Plausibility checks were then carried out to avoid transmission errors and other issues. In certain circumstances, Techem also used a stationary radio solution to read meters.Both processes worked well and reliably in practice, but there was still room for improvement. The main disadvantage of mobile data collection was that the company still had to send an employee to the relevant property to take the meter readings. With stationary collection, every master data collector needs 230 volts power supply. Its location also must be chosen carefully to ensure that it has sufficient mobile coverage. Plus, the radio standard currently in use has limitations as it is unable to penetrate thick concrete walls and transmit signals from deep cellars.For these reasons, and to further improve and digitise its processes, Techem decided to look for a simpler and more flexible solution when collecting meter readings.
Cobb EMC Installs Smart Street Lighting Solution
Cobb EMC Installs Smart Street Lighting Solution
Out with the old and in with the new. The move to change out old, high-pressure sodium lights for new LEDs prompted Cobb Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) to think smart.Always looking for the latest technology to improve customer service in Northwest metro Atlanta, the electric provider made the business case that it was also the time to add smart lighting with Sensus VantagePoint® Lighting Control.“We are already rolling the truck and crew to change out the lights, so now is the time to join smart cities and extend our capabilities to include Internet of Things (IoT) technology,” said Cobb EMC’s Director of System Quality and Planning, Bhaji Dhillon.

The global smart meters market is expected to grow from an estimated USD 12.79 Billion in 2017 to USD 19.98 Billion by 2022.

Source: Marketsandmarkets

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