IoT Enabled Remote Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
A stripper well or marginal well is an oil or gas well that is nearing the end of its economically useful life. In the U.S., oil wells are generally classified as stripper wells when they produce 10 to 15 barrels per day or less for any 12-month period. These wells account for approximately 18% of the U.S. production. The key ask was to design a solution that would connect these wells often located in remote locations and collect information about their performance and operating conditions. 
IIoT Enablement In The Elevator Service Industry
The client is looking to generate higher value from the elevator data that is collected. Sensors and data include:Laser - position of the elevator carLuminosity - Level of light within the carUltrasound - Open shaft doorVibration - Acceleration of the car; vibration of the carMicrophones - abnormal sounds of the carAtmospheric Pressure - Air pressureHumidity - Shaft humidityTemperature - Shaft temperature 
4G Power Status Monitoring Alarm Used in Chicken Farm
4G Power Status Monitoring Alarm Used in Chicken Farm
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