Use Cases Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring is the practice of using a system of connected sensors to automatically record and transmit information on critical parameters of machines and their environments, such as temperature, vibration, and pressure. 


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8x increased productivity with VKS
8x increased productivity with VKS
Before VKS, a teacher would spend a lot of time showing a group of 22 students how to build a set of stairs within a semester of 120 hours. Along with not leaving the teacher much time to provide one-on-one support for each student to properly learn carpentry, it also left a considerable amount of room for error. Key information would be misinterpreted or lost as the class was taught in the typical show-and-tell way.
IIoT Enablement In The Elevator Service Industry
The client is looking to generate higher value from the elevator data that is collected. Sensors and data include:Laser - position of the elevator carLuminosity - Level of light within the carUltrasound - Open shaft doorVibration - Acceleration of the car; vibration of the carMicrophones - abnormal sounds of the carAtmospheric Pressure - Air pressureHumidity - Shaft humidityTemperature - Shaft temperature 
4G Power Status Monitoring Alarm Used in Chicken Farm
4G Power Status Monitoring Alarm Used in Chicken Farm
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