IIoT Enablement In The Elevator Service Industry
The client is looking to generate higher value from the elevator data that is collected. Sensors and data include:Laser - position of the elevator carLuminosity - Level of light within the carUltrasound - Open shaft doorVibration - Acceleration of the car; vibration of the carMicrophones - abnormal sounds of the carAtmospheric Pressure - Air pressureHumidity - Shaft humidityTemperature - Shaft temperature 
Largest Production Deployment of AI and IoT Applications
To increase efficiency, develop new services, and spread a digital culture across the organization, Enel is executing an enterprise-wide digitalization strategy. Central to achieving the Fortune 100 company’s goals is the large-scale deployment of the C3 AI Suite and applications. Enel operates the world’s largest enterprise IoT system with 20 million smart meters across Italy and Spain.
4G Power Status Monitoring Alarm Used in Chicken Farm
4G Power Status Monitoring Alarm Used in Chicken Farm
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