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Baggage Management
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Smart Airline Baggage Management, part of a broader aviation ecosystem vision, is aimed at reducing the instances of delayed, damaged and lost bags leading to lower economic risk exposure to the airlines; increasing the ability to track and report on baggage including location and weight changes to prevent theft and loss; and improve customer satisfaction through better communication including offering new value-added services to frequent flyers.
The focus of Smart Airline Baggage Management is to bring together fragmented applications and systems to drive solutions to make the airlines and airports more efficient during check-in and subsequent baggage handling across the aviation ecosystem for the benefit of passengers. The solution includes cloud-based airline applications and databases, cloud based analytics, and an M2M and IoT platform to connect, manage and secure realtime data and events from smart luggage. The use case starts at remote check-in by the passenger and ends when the passenger retrieves their baggage at the destination and includes complete tracking and event reporting between those two points.

Practically, The Smart Airline Baggage Management will demonstrate the lifecycle of a smart bag, or a conventional bag with a luggage tracker, from check-in at home or at the airport to delivery at the flight destination. Smart Airline Baggage Management associates smart luggage with passengers and flights, tracks baggage location through GPS in realtime and generates alerts and events, such as a bag located where it should not be or a weight change in a bag suggesting the contents have been interfered with. This use case will show how a bag is tracked and monitored through the whole of its journey. An airline will be able to see information on all of the smart bags on all of their flights. A ground baggage service will be able to see all of the bags on a flight. A passenger will be able to see all of the data associated with the bags they have checked in. All information will be available securely through the web and mobile smartphones.

Benefits: Ensuring luggage is not tampered with, ensuring all bags end up in the correct place at the correct time
-OT CAPEX Reduction
-OPEX Reduction
-Customer Service Improvement
-Litigation Safeguard

Key vendors: Oracle, M2Mi, Infosys, GE

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