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Sigfox Sigfox
A low-bandwidth, wireless protocol that offers excellent range and obstacle penetration for short messages, giving a new low-powered and cost-effective wireless transmission medium for IoT and M2M technologies.
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SIGFOX is a cellular style system that enables remote devices to connect using ultra-narrow band, UNB technology. M2M and IoT or Internet of Things will give rise to billions of nodes that require connecting. Most of these will require only low bandwidth to transfer small amounts of data. Some will also require this to be connected over distances greater than those achievable simply by a transmitter on its own. For many of these applications, the traditional cellular phone systems are too complex to allow for very low power operation, and too costly to be feasible for many small low cost nodes. The SIGFOX network and technology is aimed at the low cost machine to machine application areas where wide area coverage is required. There are a number of applications that need this form of low cost wireless communications technology.
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Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
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