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ProSyst ProSyst
A cloud middleware IoT data exchange platform developed by ProSyst.
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ProSyst's first commercial application was a Java EE application server. In 2000, the company sold this server technology and has since focused completely on OSGi and OSGi solutions. In 1999 ProSyst was among the first companies to join the OSGi Alliance and since then has made important contributions to the development of each release of OSGi specifications. ProSyst is a member of the OSGi Alliance board of directors alongside IBM, Nokia, NTT, Siemens, Oracle Corporation, Samsung, Motorola and Telcordia. Additionally, members of ProSyst staff serve in several positions on the OSGi Alliance. In recent years ProSyst set its focus exclusively on the development of OSGi related software and solutions such as Frameworks, Bundles, Remote Management Systems and OSGi tools for developers including a full SDK available for download. ProSyst’s OSGi solutions are used by SmartHome devices, mobile phone manufacturers, network equipment providers (in CPEs), white goods manufacturers, car manufacturers and in the eHealth market. ProSyst employs more than 120 Java and OSGi experts and offers OSGi related training, support (SLAs), technical consulting and development services. As a member, ProSyst contributes to OSGi, Eclipse, Java Community Process, Nokia Forum Pro and the CVTA Connected Vehicle Trade Association. Prosyst was acquired by Bosch in February 2015. Though the plan is to merge ProSyst with Bosch Groups software and systems unit "Bosch Software Innovations GmbH" in the near future, the company will remain a legally independent entity for the time being.
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Software that can take over complex human operations and operate independently of human intervention.
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