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MinnowBoard MinnowBoard
Open source Intel development boards targeting the maker community.
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The MinnowBoard is a compact and affordable open source hardware reference platform that puts the power of a 64-bit Intel? Atom? E38xx Series System on a Chip (SoC) in a small versatile form-factor. This embedded board has an enormous range of capabilities for hardware, software, and firmware developers: from creating a fun hobby or professional maker project, to developing high performance embedded applications or products. MinnowBoard MAX is designed to offer exceptional performance, flexibility, openness, and standards. MinnowBoard.org supports the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA.org) principles and makes its designs publicly available so "anyone can study, modify, distribute, make, and sell the design or hardware based on that design." The MinnowBoard.org foundation is a US-based non-profit providing education and promotion of the design and use of open-source software and hardware in embedded computing, on Intel Architecture.
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