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E-Learning Company Uses Zenlayer Edge Data Center Services - Zenlayer Industrial IoT Case Study
E-Learning Company Uses Zenlayer Edge Data Center Services
Without infrastructure, Talk-Cloud would fail to keep up with rapid growth and demandTalk-Cloud has been experiencing rapid growth and global demand, with as many as 300,000 sessions a day being conducted in 2018. However, with increased growth came increased demands on their network. Low latency (<200 ms) is absolutely crucial for online education, which relies on two- or multi-way live streaming for interactive experiences. Video lag distracts and detracts from the learning environment.Without a reliable, low-latency network, Talk-Cloud would begin losing customers to competing platforms. Without a network that could rapidly expand, they would not be able to keep up with global demand. Additional concerns were data located in two different public clouds, the variable network needs depending on regional demand, and difficulty hiring support in regions outside of Talk-Cloud’s home country, China.Online education thrives on interactionAs the globe has become increasingly connected, online education has surged. Teachers can reach students located anywhere as long as they have internet access. Studies show that these students do a better job of retaining material and staying engaged when they have high interaction with their teachers. However, when the video lags and stutters interaction is severely reduced.Video latency becomes noticeable to human perception at around 200 ms. While a few stutters can be ignored, students quickly become disengaged if the lag continues. Due to the live nature of the conversation, pre-buffering is not an option. Latency must be lowered through dynamic routing and edge server usage.
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