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Wurldtech (GE Digital)

Security for the Industrial Internet
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Wurldtech, a GE company, is in the business of protecting critical infrastructure from cyber attack. Wurldtech also provides consulting and professional services, as well as managed security services. Wurldtech helps operators and device manufacturers mitigate operational technology threats.

Wurldtech works with both device manufacturers and system operators to provide protection for critical infrastructure against persistent and dynamic cyber threats. Customers rely on Wurldtech products, services and certifications to help reduce the risks and costs of a cyber attack, maximize system uptime and meet compliance mandates.
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Their flagship offering, OpSheild, provides defense-in-depth for ICS, SCADA and DCS environments. Their Achilles® product and certification programs have been widely adopted by both manufacturers and operators to deliver third party benchmark testing of product and system security.
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Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
Software that focus on securing devices, machines, and communications between them.
Developing custom software for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
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OpShield, deployed inside your industrial or medical environment, maps, monitors, and can block unwanted traffic. Wurldtech gives you visibility into your device communications, then actively help keep your people safe, operations running, and assets undamaged.OpShield is fortified with an extensive set of ICS-specific vulnerability protection packs that are designed to thwart exploits that target OT vulnerabilities.Wurldtech’s OT threat research targets root vulnerabilities, not just exploit symptoms. Wurldtech researchers write vulnerability signatures that are long-lasting and can defend against exploit variants. This nuance is critically important. Traditional threat signatures are short-lived due to variants easily bypassing signatures. But vulnerability signatures can defend against new attacks--including zero-day attacks--that leverage the same root vulnerability.Combining this capability with well-researched OT protocol and device vulnerabilities delivers greater accuracy and broader protection.BASELINE NETWORK COMMUNICATIONSUpon installation, OpShield observes and records all OT communications to establish traffic patterns, allowing you to establish “what’s normal.” This becomes the baseline for network communications whitelisting, the strongest form of cyber security policy creation. Asset owners or system integrators then review and edit the policies, knowing that the majority of the work is already done by OpShield.These baseline and automated policy creation capabilities allow system operators to make informed decisions about the communications that transpire across their controls networks.NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS WHITELISTBuilding on the baseline, network communications whitelisting allows operators to block, allow, or simply alert on all traffic that doesn’t match an established policy. Operators gain more control and reduce complexity associated with unnecessary traffic.This approach to network communication control prevents attackers from misusing protocol commands, such as “shutdown,” “scan,” and “factory reset,” as well as parameters, such as “set point.” These commands and parameters exist in industrial protocols for good reason. But they can be dangerous when executed outside of the intended context.Whether for power generation, manufacturing, clinical healthcare or other critical infrastructure sectors, OpShield helps ensure that only the right commands for the right devices are executed.EASY OT NETWORK SEGMENTATIONSegmentation further helps reduce the attack surface.Unlike traditional IT VLANS or other segmentation techniques, OpShield’s drag-and-drop interface allows an operator to quickly segment an OT network, without the need to reconfigure or reengineer.It takes just a few minutes, yet can save hours, days or weeks in otherwise trying to contain malware or halt suspicious activity. Zone-specific whitelist policies also help minimize unexpected downtime by preventing lateral movement of ICS infections.Operators can easily apply fine-grain controls by associating whitelist policy with specific zones, or even zones within zones (nested zones).
Achilles Platform
Achilles Platform
The Achilles Test Platform (ATP) is a robustness test solution specifically designed for critical infrastructure devices. Finding faults and vulnerabilities early can save 10x or more in cost, versus discovering device problems after deployment.ATP has a virtual machine (VM) companion, Achilles Test Software, that enables widespread economical use. ATP is the only communications robustness test platform that can monitor both network and operational parameters, allowing vulnerabilities to be discovered, faults to be reproduced, isolated, identified and resolved before products are introduced to the market.Achilles® Test Platform- Tests communication robustness for industrial and automation devices (PLCs, DCS and others)- Validates performance and availability based on specifications- Discovers known and unknown vulnerabilities for remediation- Test implementation of industry protocols- Allows faults to be reproduced, isolated and identifiedAchilles Test Software- Delivers critical communication robustness testing via Virtual Machine (VM)- Enables widespread use to developers via economical form factor- Prepares, aligns, and conforms with industry standards
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