Accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things
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We strongly believe that smart machines and advanced manufacturing will become the most disruptive era in the history of ICT. Software centricity is the very heart of this shift. Software will be everywhere — and we mean everywhere.

Our mission is to help our customers to make this happen — following a pattern already seen in automotive industry where software contributes to over 90% of innovation.


Our focus is in smart connected vehicles and machines & advanced manufacturing; the manufacturers as well as their supply chain. Our ambition is to help customers develop winning products and experiences leveraging a data-driven approach and machine intelligence.


COGNITIVE IS THE NEW SMART. Through the use of cognitive interfaces into complex systems, advanced analytics, and machine learning technology, companies and users will have access to powerful insights. Businesses that leverage artificial intelligence will take significant wins over their less informed competitors.

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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Consultation & transformational assignments, providing tools and direction for the digital era.

SOFTWARE CENTRIC INNOVATION: Software development projects & expertise. Creating winning products and services, innovating through software.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AUTOMATION: Tools and expertise for automated and intelligent software development; DevOps & test automation.

MACHINE LEARNING AND AUGMENTED INTELLIGENCE: Utilising machine learning “set of tools” to solve concrete business problems, including autonomous control and optimisation.

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Horizontal applications are standardized (e.g., asset tracking). Vertical applications are tailored to specific needs (e.g., delivery fleet management).
APIs are the market enabler for IoT. They allow users to manage devices, enable data transfer between software, and provide access capabilities.
Middleware integrates the diverse components of an IoT application by structuring communication, workflows, and business rules.
IoT analytics includes real-time or edge computing and batch analysis. Analytics can be behavioral, descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive.
Visualization solutions use dashboards, alerts, events, maps, and other tools to present easily comprehensible data to end users.
Data management solutions capture, index and store data in traditional database, cloud platforms, and fog systems for future use.
Security software provides encryption, access control, and identity protection to IoT solutions from data collection through end-user applications.
System integrators link IoT component subsystems, customize solutions, and ensure that IoT systems communicate with existing operational systems.
IoT software consultancies support the development of data analytics, visualization solutions, and platforms, as well as integration into embedded systems.
Examples of business consulting services include go-to-market design and execution, business model development, channel development, and corporate M&A.
Connectivity as a service as provided by telecommunications companies, i.e. data transfer, radio waves.
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PLVision is a turnkey solution development and consulting company specialized in the Internet of Things and Networking software development. We provide highly customized IoT solutions to industrial manufacturing companies to help them increase competitive advantage. For IoT solution and network product providers, we serve as a technology partner, leveraging our deep knowledge in computer networking and embedded systems to help them accelerate their product roadmap.
SoftDEL is a technology company enabling global Industrial OEMs to engineer smart and connected products that power the “Internet of Things (IoT)”. We provide IP’s and product design engineering services across service lines; Smart Building, Smart Lighting, Industrial Automation & Automotive. With headquarter in Stamford, CT, USA, we have presence across Europe, Japan, India & Korea market, SoftDEL’s value proposition is to help Industrial OEMs to - Bring differentiated products in smart and connected world - Reduce total cost of ownership - Provide innovative and flexible business models
AuroSys Solutions, LLC
AuroSys Solutions, LLC
AuroSys Solutions, LLC is a New York based leader in high-end Product Engineering, IoT Solutions & Enterprise Mobile Development. AuroSys has provided Technology excellence for more than 9 years to StartUps, SMEs and Fortune 1000 companies including Microsoft, Unilever, Bombardier, Intel, AMD, Boeing, Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil as well as state and local governments. No matter your industry, size or platform, AuroSys can help your enterprise or agency produce results.
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