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System Integration company in end to end industrial control and automation projects since last two decades with inhouse expertise in Industrial communication technlogies for any protocol

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Industry 4.0 and hence IIOT, Digitization are no more buzz words world-over changing the perception for future of the industry but are now real-world things inspiring every stakeholder to look into the way it can be leveraged to capture , monitor, and analyse the data to enhance the efficiency in all facets of their activities by possibilities it has created for detection , control , optimisation , and prediction in processes , plants , and machines from anywhere and wherever it is needed .

As usual , the thrust of UL Group to bring latest technologies to India , we are now a leading solution providers in Industry 4.0 with major focus on IIOT and Digital transformation .

Since over a decade , UL Group has always been at the forefront of Industrial communication and networking technologies which are foundational block of today's IIOT technologies . Hence " Any Media , Any protocol , All from the ONE company " be it a Ethernet , fieldbus protocols or Wireless , Fiber optic or wired as Media , UL Group has the desired proven expertise which becomes UL's distinct entitlement to converge their experience into IIOT .

The IIOT initiatives at UL are focused on combining the strengths of IT (Information technology) and OT ( Operational Technologies ) can be divided in four distinct tasks as ,

  1. Collecting
  2. Connecting
  3. Controlling
  4. Cloud Computing .


The collecting task in IIOT comprises of data collecting devices such as sensors , actuators , measuring instruments like pressure , temperature transducers , energy and flow meters etc . The collecting devices can also be classified based on their Ethernet communication enability . Ethernet enabled, operating communication technology based or simple passive collecting devices .

The minimum requirement of IIOT is that the information or data coming from devices has to be on Ethernet and hence can be internetised .

UL Group offers variety of solutions from their partners all over the world for ethernet enabled collecting devices , IO modules for collecting the data from passive devices and bringing it on Ethernet and also gateways to bring other operational technology protocols on ethernet . So virtually every collecting device can be ethernet enabled for onward IIOT communication.


Connecting products and solutions are the infrastructure components which form the major share of IIOT networks . This includes , Gateways for opertional technology (OT) to Internet Technology (IT) like ethernet protocols , Gateways for cloud communication , Ethernet switches , routers etc . UL Group, alongwith world-class supplying partners are leading solution providers in IIOT infrastructure , be it an Ethernet switches , gateways for all the popular protocols to upto cloud conectivity UL Group is one stop solution for every infrastructural and networking needs.


Controlling of data comprises of system integration activities like hardware and software engineering with controllers like SCADA , PCs , PLC/DCS , embedded controllers . UL Group , with well-established system integrator business unit , we have proven expertise of hundreds of system integration projects in control system engineering and automation .

Cloud Computing ,

Could computing includes cloud as a service for storage & management of data , holding software products as a service or just connectivity service . Everyday the numerous apps are getting developed to be deployed as Software as a service or product as a service which host themselves on private or public clouds relieving users from costly servers and infrastructure in own premises with nominal cost of using the cloud .

UL Group presently provides the solutions for connectivity from client network to Cloud , Remote Access and Maintenance services with cloud computing capabilities. Other IIOT apps are PLC Logic analysers , network monitoring for Industrial Ethernet and operational technologies like Profibus .

Leveraging the unique combination of unparalleled expertise and decade-long experience in IIOT communication & connectivity technologies , collaboration with world leading supplying partners and in-house control system integration & automation capabilities, UL Group is most reliable partner for our clients in their initiatives in IIOT .

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metro rail projects, railways , power plants , steel industry , cement industry , automotive , control and automation companies , EPC 


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Hardware that enables dual directional communication for data collection and control message delivery. Examples include cellular, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.
Sensors transform energy into electrical data; they are the eyes and ears of IoT. Actuators transform electrical data into energy; they are the muscle of IoT.
IoT power supplies include traditional, thin-film and printed batteries, energy harvesting modules, flexible photovoltaic panels and thermoelectric sources.
Technologies that enable legacy devices and other systems to connect to the IoT. They integrate technologies and protocols for networking.
Products used by end users that contain IoT technologies. Examples include enabled equipment, wearables, hand-held scanners, and tracking devices.
Horizontal applications are standardized (e.g., asset tracking). Vertical applications are tailored to specific needs (e.g., delivery fleet management).
Visualization solutions use dashboards, alerts, events, maps, and other tools to present easily comprehensible data to end users.
Security software provides encryption, access control, and identity protection to IoT solutions from data collection through end-user applications.
System integrators link IoT component subsystems, customize solutions, and ensure that IoT systems communicate with existing operational systems.
IoT data management consultancies help to make sense of big data, decide which data to maintain and for how long, and troubleshoot IT issues.
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