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Collaborating with Deutsche Bahn to Accelerate the Growth and Adoption of IoT - TEKTELIC  Industrial IoT Case Study
Collaborating with Deutsche Bahn to Accelerate the Growth and Adoption of IoT
Deutsche Bahn, Europe’s largest railway operator, and rail infrastructure owner has been leading innovation in the railway industry with IoT technology solutions supported by TEKTELIC. TEKTELIC is providing a product line of the Best-in-Class KONA Gateways in DB’s corporate facilities, and the partnership has been a key driver for the implementation of the Basic Station packet forwarder on these gateways to support DB’s preferred interface to the Network Server. DB has been leveraging the IoT network to test many applications including asset tracking and remote asset monitoring.Deutsche Bahn selected TEKTELIC as its IoT gateway provider thanks to its Always-on Connectivity, Carrier Grade design and approach to providing customers with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for their LoRaWAN® networks. The KONA Gateways are managed on TEKTELIC’s customized KONA Element Operations, Administration and Management server, a comprehensive tool allowing operators to configure, monitor and optimize all of the Gateways in their network from a single node.
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Optimizing the tourism travel experience in Switzerland - TEKTELIC  Industrial IoT Case Study
Optimizing the tourism travel experience in Switzerland
Arcade Solutions AG is an IT and IoT company based in Lucerne Switzerland that has been revolutionizing the travel tourism industry. Arcade is the proud creator of an application called the iParkiere Bus smart travel tourism and parking application which is now the primary navigation application for all coach drivers in Switzerland.
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IoT for Smart Agriculture - TEKTELIC  Industrial IoT Case Study
IoT for Smart Agriculture
Monitoring and assessing key welfare indicators such as weight, water consumption, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels within poultry houses is essential for ensuring sustainable and productive poultry farming practices. However, assessing these indicators in large poultry farms that rear millions of birds each year is no easy undertaking.A customer managing 700,000 birds across 7 farms required a solution to wirelessly monitor parameters including climate, water consumption, and bird weights. Prior to implementing the PrognositX - Poultry Sense IoT solution, this customer manually took readings of temperature and humidity conditions and input those values into a spreadsheet. This proved to be a lengthy and increasingly inefficient process. Conditions in every shed and farm can vary, and with increasingly stringent audit requirements, the customer required a solution that would enable them to efficiently and consistently capture, track, and interpret real-time data.
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Protecting Timeless Artifacts In Museums With IoT   - TEKTELIC  Industrial IoT Case Study
Protecting Timeless Artifacts In Museums With IoT
Conserv and TEKTELIC Collaborate to Provide Indoor Monitoring Solutions to Protect and Maintain Valuable Artifacts and Collections Around the Globe.
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IoT Solutions In Medical Clinics - TEKTELIC  Industrial IoT Case Study
IoT Solutions In Medical Clinics
Proper storage plays a vital role in safeguarding the integrity of pharmaceutical products. Many drugs, medicine, and other pharmaceuticals are susceptible to temperature and humidity levels, and as such, have stringent storage requirements.Improper storage can result in medications losing their efficacy or becoming harmful to patients. To avoid deterioration in pharmaceutical product quality, clinic operators must consistently and accurately measure, monitor, and track real-time conditions in pharmaceutical storage cabinets. Controlling these conditions presents a significant challenge for medical facilities, as manually checking temperature and humidity is inefficient and labor-intensive, also carrying the risk of human error in measurement accuracy and reporting. IoT technologies are enabling medical practitioners to automate temperature monitoring of pharmaceutical storage cabinets. As one of the most renowned private medical clinics in Switzerland, the Merian Iselin Clinic sought a reliable and effective method of remotely monitoring and maintaining ideal temperature and humidity conditions within its pharmaceutical storage cabinets.
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A Key Technology To Creating A Healthy Indoor Environment - TEKTELIC  Industrial IoT Case Study
A Key Technology To Creating A Healthy Indoor Environment
When monitoring a healthy indoor environment, the parameters of the indoor climate including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, adequate ventilation, etc., are all directly tied to overall wellbeing. Building operators need a solution to gain remote intelligence on building conditions to monitor indoor climates. By having this information, they could proactively intervene to maintain optimal climate conditions In Short, there is a lack of low-cost, end-to-end solutions available capable of ensuring that every home is not only a safe and healthy environment but can also do so in a way that gives the end-user complete control in an end-to-end user-friendly interface.
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Lithuanian City Utilizing IoT & Lora To Join The Smart City Movement - TEKTELIC  Industrial IoT Case Study
Lithuanian City Utilizing IoT & Lora To Join The Smart City Movement
Kaunas city faces many different issues. For instance, the city serves as a home to a growing number of elderly residents. In addition, the city has a deteriorating infrastructure that creates challenges to the creation of smart buildings. The city is currently experiencing a rapid increase in car numbers.Considering problems with an uninterrupted water supply and power consumption, the need to integrate an IoT network can be considered reasonableKaunas is working to become a smart city by integrating technology, research, and education into a single entity. In order to make Kaunas a smart city, Lithuania has worked to develop infrastructure and manage strategic issues for long-term development.
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