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Synfioo offers an innovative software platform for transportation monitoring in real-time. Relevant setbacks on the initial transport plan like: congestions, Security Controls, strikes, bad weather conditions, among others, are directly reported upon occurrence. Transportation planners can leverage their ETA Service data in their familiar working environment to react immediately and secure a smooth supply chain

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System Integration The Synfioo API acts as the interface between your own TMS and the Synfioo Cloud. Data can be uploaded and visualized in the familiar software environment, enabling you to merge internal company transport plans with external data, providing real-time ETA predictions which take into account all merged data sources. Transports are sorted according to urgency in the TMS and visualized including the reasons for delay―proactive action becomes possible. Web Solution Synfioo Services can also be used via your own Internet browser enabling easy access in a user-friendly environment. With our OnTime Navigator, disruption and movement data can be retrieved from anywhere. Everything is in view thanks to a detailed map view and efficiencies can be increased without additional expenses for IT infrastructure. For a more democratic supply chain―the relevant information is made available to all parties involved in transport. Asset-Tracking Solutions The Synfioo Mobile App installs easily on the driver’s mobile phone. Current position data is recorded and can be retrieved via the Synfioo Web App. The detailed map view with current positions of all transports provides more visibility. All transport participants can simultaneously access necessary information and make better decisions promptly.

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