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SKF has been a leading global technology provider since 1907.

It is focusing on bearings and units, seals, Mechatronics, services and lubrication systems, and its technology platforms serve more than 40 industries. The focus of SKF’s technology development today is to reduce the environmental impact of an asset during its lifecycle.
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Vibration Sensors

With the proper sensor to supply critical operating information, a machine operates in a safer condition for both the machine as well as the personnel operating the machine.

Various machine operating conditions concerning temperature extremes, magnetic fields, vibration range, frequency range, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) conditions and the required signal quality necessitate the need for a variety of sensors.

Sensor Bearing Units

SKF sensor bearing units are used to monitor accurately the status of rotating or linear components and are: compact, robust and reliable, and simple and ready-to-mount.

Sensor-integrated solutions engineered by SKF have been well proven in a variety of industrial and automotive applications, such as electric motors, electric vehicles, road rollers, tractors, forklifts and conveyors.

Typical uses include: motor management, steering, speed and position sensing, and measurement of angular position.

Recent innovations from SKF now enable bearings to communicate their operating conditions in real time, with integrated intelligence including wireless sensors, data acquisition electronics and self-powered solutions.

This technology, called SKF Insight, enables operators to see how dynamic operating conditions are affecting bearing health and machine condition in real time. Operators can use this information to adjust operating conditions or make automated interventions, such as lubrication. This can help to prevent bearing damage before it occurs, effectively extending the life of the bearing. Ultimately, this means better maintenance planning and helps to avoid costly unplanned stoppages.
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Sensors transform energy into electrical data; they are the eyes and ears of IoT. Actuators transform electrical data into energy; they are the muscle of IoT.
Hardware products that are used by end users that contain IoT technology.
Wearables are smart electronic devices that can be incorporated into clothing or worn on the body as implants/accessories
Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Providing the infrastructure to store and manage data.
Bringing together software, hardware, middleware, and infrastructure components to build an end-to-end solution based on specific client requirements.
Providing network connectivity to allow communication between devices, things, and operators.
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Linear Technology Corporation is a member of the S&P 500 that has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad line of high performance analog integrated circuits for major companies worldwide for three decades. Linear's products provide a bridge between our analog world and the digital electronics in communications, networking, industrial, automotive, computer, medical, instrumentation, consumer, and military and aerospace systems.
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Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges initiated by revolutionary macrotrends in science, technology and society. They improves business performance for customers with automation and control solutions, equipment and services that enhance safety, reliability and efficiency. Year founded: 1906 Revenue: $40.3 billion (2014) NYSE: HON
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