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shipcloud is the shipping service provider and represents a new generation in package shipping. A cloud-based service, it enables small and medium-sized online vendors to work easily and efficiently with all major shipping providers. Vendors can use an intuitive and easily integrated standard interface (RESTful API) to connect their store or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system directly to all major package shipping providers. As well as maintaining independence from individual providers, vendors save time and money. They can also focus more effectively on their core business activity, secure in the knowledge that they are one step ahead of the pack.
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shipcloud makes complex things easy
shipcloud gives you easy and flexible access to multi-carrier shipping, Tracking and return. Bundle your shipping needs and be prepared for large shipping volumes.Our cloud based technology gives you a reliable and stable shipping solution with very low risk of failure.

shipcloud is your Shipping Service Provider
shipcloud supports your entire shipping process - from standard shipping and express delivery to returns. All this includes Tracking - fully automated across all carriers. Because with our Send, Track and Return features we standardise your entire process. So you have time to concentrate on the essentials. With shipcloud you can start relaxed into your future.
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Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
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To deliver first class software solutions that enhance customers' product productivity and hence, their profitability and competitive effectiveness.
Stop spending millions on training your employees in data analysis and lean six sigma for cost improvement projects. Use the power of real-time analytics with a six sigma backbone to quickly identify opportunities for improvement and make it easier for all employees in your organization to focus on implementing strategies that could save your business. Use the power of technology that encompasses data science, operations management, manufacturing management and lean six sigma.Did you know that for every new supply chain manager entering the workforce two or more are retiring? What makes matters worse is retaining talent is even harder for organizations.
Proxim Wireless
Proxim Wireless
Proxim Wireless Corporation provides Wi-Fi, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint 4G wireless network technologies for wireless internet, video surveillance and backhaul applications. The ORiNOCO and Tsunami product lines are sold to service providers, governments and enterprises with over 2 million devices shipped to over 250,000 customers in over 65 countries worldwide. Proxim is ISO 9001-2008 certified.
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