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Senvisys is a hardware and software company that manufactures sensor systems for various applications. The company distributes equipment that receives sound waves with great sensitivity and software that analyzes and processes these signals. By connecting hardware and software, data flow is created and it provides a wide range of information about the object being examined. The company offers its users with early train adaptation, prevention of compounds, secure train transportation, and railway diagnosis. The industries that the company caters are railway, sensitive installation security, engine health monitoring, and education. Senvisys is a Germany-based company that was founded in 2015.
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Our technology enables efficient and low-cost monitoring of tunnels, train stations and dangerous track sections

In order to prevent accidents and inefficiencies our solution can detect the condition of rails and railcar wheels

Hazards such as boulders, fallen trees and animals on tracks can be early detected

In comparison to conventional technologies our system offers significant cost savings in materials, operation, installation and maintenance of early train detection
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Sensors transform energy into electrical data; they are the eyes and ears of IoT. Actuators transform electrical data into energy; they are the muscle of IoT.
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Jiangsu Donghua Testing Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the mechanical properties of structural testing of intelligent technology, providing test system solutions for thousands of users, as a leading structural mechanics performance test system provider. Donghua provides customers with "one-stop" solution for test systems consisting of sensors, conditioning amplifiers, data logger, software, engineering software applications and professional services component, widely used in aerospace, defense, scientific research, testing, teaching, equipment manufacturing and other fields to help users achieve complete control of the mechanical properties of the structure, to solve the structural safety, reliability, achieve the purpose of optimizing the design and troubleshooting.
Created in 2015, Ampleon is shaped by 50 years of RF power leadership. Recently being spun-off from NXP Semiconductors, the company is set-out to exploit the full potential of data and energy transfer in RF. Ampleon has more than 1,700 employees worldwide, dedicated to creating optimal value for customers. Its innovative, yet consistent portfolio offers products and solutions for a wide range of applications, such as cellular base stations, radio/TV/broadcasting, radar, air traffic control, cooking, lighting, industrial lasers and medical.
Litemax has enjoyed a strong reputation for expertise in sunlight readable, high brightness industrial displays, but there is so much more that we offer. Through resizing, customizations and industrial computing, we raise the standards of industrial-grade displays, digital signage applications and embedded computing to enable intelligent vertical market platforms around the world.
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