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Senaya Inc. is a Boston-based M2M supply chain technology company providing advanced SaaS (Solution as a Service) cloud-based asset Tracking solutions that utilize sensor, cellular, and other wireless communication technologies.
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Senaya builds environmentally and situationally aware asset Tracking solutions. We combine hardware, Firmware, and software to provide a comprehensive machine-to-machine (M2M) Tracking and monitoring solution for your reusable assets.

Data is gathered by robust, hardened devices attached to your assets, then transferred through cellular networks to our secure cloud platform. From there, the data is translated into actionable information and delivered to you through our Solution as a Service (SaaS) reporting software.

The intelligence in the device allows it to recognize events based on environmental conditions. On-board sensors then gather mission critical information that is analyzed and reported back to you through easy-to-understand dashboards.

The cloud-based dashboards also allow you to view the raw data and to set up any complex queries and rules you require to ensure that the information is comprehensive and actionable. The tool also supports alarms and warnings that can alert you in real-time.
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Sensors transform energy into electrical data; they are the eyes and ears of IoT. Actuators transform electrical data into energy; they are the muscle of IoT.
Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
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Based in Nuremberg, Baumüller is a leading manufacturer of electric automation and drive systems. Our employees are planning, developing, fabricating and installing intelligent system solutions for mechanical engineering at more than 40 locations worldwide – from the user interface and motion control software as per PLCopen, software modules and controls all the way to converters, electric motors and the entire service program for automation solutions.Baumüller’s full range of services also includes the areas of service, installation, assembly and relocation. Baumüller is one of the leading automation partners in mechanical engineering worldwide.
Duwei Meters Technology was founded in 1996. The company is focusing on meters technology. Currently Duwei provides meters solutions used in machinary, oil & gas, utilities, chemistry, ships and boats, aerospace and automotive industries. Duwei is currently covering pressure meters, temperature meters, humidity meters, location sensors and so on.
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