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Retailing Connect-Shanghai MAP Data & Tech Incorporated

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MAP is Big Data​: We provide custom solutions by capturing, analyzing, and applying market insights.

MAP is Tech: We innovate, upgrade, and build your offering with scenario-based applications.

MAP is Digital Marketing: We create 360 Strategies to guide and guard your digital execution.

MAP is Your Guide to Business in China.

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Product Introduction

1、 This is a total IoT(Internet of Things)solution of big data for physical stores in terms of collection, analysis and application. Making non-intrusive integration with existing software and hardware of physical stores enables the plug-play between POS system and receipt printer. As a result, Retailing Connect can capture receipt data in real-time, tag QR code to each receipt. Furthermore, Retailing Connect can make precise promotion with the match among “shopper-store-stuff-story” via OCR-Optical Character Recognition on the cloud. Shoppers just scan QR code to automatically register loyalty points and participate in brand engagement activities; brand stores can use receipts as direct-to-customer media channel; physical stores can build data assets, make joint promotion and improve store sales. The last not the least, the commercial circles can enhance mutual values and share strategic alliance.

Usage Instruction

2、 just play and plug this IoT device upon installation, store cashier operates the POS system to print receipts as usually when QR code is tagged on the original receipts. Store cashier hands over the QR-code receipts to shoppers who open WeChat to scan the QR code. Based on purchase value on the receipts, Shoppers can obtain their loyalty points and e-coupons on the WeChat Public Account, web portal and APP.

Core Tech

3、 The core tech lies at the 90%-plus compatibility with various models and brands of receipt printers who require 100-million-level combinations of different print instructions. In the meantime, the adoption of UUID cloud-based real-time encryption technology solves the security concern of loyalty-point QR code and timeliness challenge. Cloud-based OCR-Optical Character Recognition technology is coupled with AI machine learning to ensure strong resolution and error-correcting capabilities. The integration of four hardware interfaces(network, parallel, series, USB) can identify paramete

Benefits of Product Solution

4、Retailing Connect can see through the store transaction of physical stores, capturing the precise sales revenue data in real time, recording the shopping mall performance and sales conditions of those independent-cashier stores; Retailing Connect can enhance shopper experiences and attract new members, converting store shoppers into shopping mall members. Store shoppers can automatically register loyalty points for all kinds of benefits such as enjoying the parking privilege; Retailing Connect can connect all the loyalty points across different stores which are joined for cross-store promotions and cost-effective conversion; Retailing Connect helps build big data asset, collecting relevant data points for the top management to make decisions,coordinate departments and implement data-driven business mechanism.

As the various stores within the ecosystem such as supermarket, pharmacy store, shopping malls can be connected via “loyalty-point program for super membership ”; shoppers just scan QR code on the receipts to divert to APP and WeChat Public Account to recruit members and present one-QR code-one receipt itemized sales details.

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Vanke, Baolong Real Estate, etc.

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Hardware products that are used by end users that contain IoT technology.
Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
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