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Reekoh is an IoT Application Integration Platform and Developer Marketplace, connecting devices and sensors to the largest library of gateways, cloud platforms, tools and services in the market through its unique Plugin Store.

Using this plugin architecture and marketplace, developers can fully customise Reekoh instances to provide a lean and powerful backend to their IoT applications and products, only running what is required to facilitate data flow from device to application, app back to devices, and also device-to-device.
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Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
Developing custom software for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
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Servian taps Reekoh to expand IoT capabilities
Google News Canada - 06 Dec, 2019
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Reekoh expands its IoT platform capabilities
Google News Canada - 29 Jul, 2019
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Reekoh expands its IoT platform capabilities witih new tools
Google News Canada - 29 Jul, 2019
Referenced Companies: Reekoh, Advantech, IoTium
Keywords: Gateway
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Reekoh IoT platform
Reekoh IoT platform
Our IoT platform is designed to be the most extensible platform on the market, built around distributable integrations we call Plugins. Our unique Plugin Store gives you the ability to customise the capabilities of your Reekoh IoT cloud platform to meet the specific needs of your IoT applications, and to work with existing products and tools your organisation is already familiar with.YOUR ACCOUNT MANAGER- Provision and manage Reekoh Instances- View data consumption for each instance- Manage user access to your account and individual Instances- View and manage your billing account and payment details- Update your company details used when displaying any plugins that you have published under your accountINSTANCE MANAGEMENT CONSOLE- Register devices to authenticate them agains the platform so data is accepted and passed to the platform- Browse and install plugins from the Plugin Store, based on the capabilities you require from your Instance- Design and configure data flow using Topologies and your installed Plugins- View basic exceptions and logs from the InstanceDEVICE MANAGEMENT- Register devices with unique identifiers for authentication Inject metadata into raw device data- Create device groups for easier bulk management- Send commands to devices on-demand. Commands are actions that can be performed by the device, for example updating firmware, deactivating, etc.
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OmniEarth is an emerging company focused on changing the way the Earth is understood. They deliver analytics-ready, multispectral imagery from everywhere on Earth every day, enabling their subscribers to see, analyze and react to change in real time. Through a constant stream of geoinformatics, OmniEarth subscribers always have access to imagery and derived information products from any location on Earth – on demand and over time. They provide enhanced decision-making tools for subscribers in the agriculture, forestry, energy, civil and military markets … and everyone else who needs a more comprehensive understanding of Earth.
Scarlet Technologies
Scarlet Technologies
Software is the core of today's Internet of Things revolution. Having the firmware to bring your hardware to life and launch your idea is critical to the success of any device. Scarlet Engineering is your global engineering resource partner. Our engineers specialize in developing firmware and low level software for microprocessor based products. We can enable the custom functionality on both standard commercial boards as well as fully custom hardware devices. This helps assure that your customers reliably experience the features and performance they expect from your products. At Scarlet Engineering, we leverage our heritage of software development dating back to 2011, and apply this to the specialized domain of firmware development for embedded microprocessor products. Our expertise includes: Firmware for 32 and 64 bit Intel® Architecture processors Open-source coreboot solutions Proprietary UEFI firmware implementation Driver Development Product Definition Project Management
Switch Automation
Switch Automation
Switch Automation is a leading provider of automation and smart building solutions for commercial buildings, property portfolios, apartments and homes. We were the first in the industry to launch an entirely cloud-based, on-demand Intelligent Building Platform featuring a comprehensive range of green building automation, data aggregation and analytics services.We understand that being truly green means understanding exactly how, when and where your building or property portfolio uses resources like energy and water, knowing when equipment fails to operate properly in real time, and proactively addressing issues that arise...and we know that getting such detailed information can be difficult. Switch makes it easy with real time energy and operational data monitoring, analytics and control for every room or device, to the hour, minute and second of the day. You can use this data to pinpoint exactly how to tune your building or portfolio to run at its most efficient.Switch's web-based Intelligent Building Platform enables all users to get real value out of their property data – from property developers who assess the performance of their buildings, to property managers responsible for tuning buildings to satisfy regulatory and tenant requirements. It also helps building owners seeking the most efficient building operations to minimise utility and maintenance costs, lower total cost of ownership and report on their operational performance, greenhouse gas emissions and green building ratings. Our technology integrates a wide range of sensors, field controllers and edge devices, such as smart meters, building management systems and renewable power sources, and provides local environmental information from weather stations and RSS feeds to put your building operations data into context.
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