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People Power provides cloud-based software that enables the remote control and management of connected devices from smart phones.

The People Power IoT Suite enables rapid connection, engagement, delivery and management of IoT projects for forward-thinking business partners who understand the opportunity of delivering connected lifestyle improvements to their customers.

Presto: An Open Source SDK and 175+ open APIs that cloud-enable IoT devices with low-cost hosting.
Virtuoso: A mobile and web app framework for great UX and unified device control.
Symphony: Personalized cloud IoT services with powerful analytics and trusted circles.
Maestro: A command center to support end users to keep them coming back for more.
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People Power offers the award-winning IOEplatform, for the Internet of Things. With it, we help drive important business and consumer outcomes around the world every day. Our company enjoys a proud legacy of having connected more than 300 million mobile devices to essential consumer data and services. But, there's more to do. Our mission is to continue connecting people to the Internet of Things with our award-winning smart home development solution, People Power's IOEplatform.

The Internet of Things is the next global business opportunity. We prepared for this by creating the IOEplatform. It's the best, most scalable platform for the Internet of Things available in the world today. We designed it to connect all devices into a single smart cloud environment, and to extend new services into the mobile space. Our platform can be used as an all-in-one solution or can be seamlessly integrated into our customer's existing systems, enabling robust and resourceful cloud-to-cloud implementation.

We can connect anything. But the opportunity is bigger than just connecting devices to the cloud. True success comes from delivering scalable solutions that enable our business partners to extend and monetize their existing customer relationships, while receiving incredibly valuable data analytic services that help drive critical business decisions. People Power's IOEplatform enables remarkably simple and elegant IoT solutions to accomplish this.
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People Power’s IoT Snapshot maps the range and focus areas of People Power’s IoT business across Technologies, Use Cases, Industries, and Services. Only categories with active products will be shown. Missing categories indicate that there is no activity in those areas.
Networks & Connectivity
Use Cases
Building Automation & Control
People Power’s Tech Stack maps People Power’s participation in the IoT tech stack.
  • Application Layer
  • Functional Applications

  • Cloud Layer
  • Platform as a Service
    Infrastructure as a Service

  • Control Layer
  • Automation & Control
    Processors & Edge Intelligence

  • Physical Layer
  • Robotics
  • Supporting
  • Analytics & Modeling
    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
    Cybersecurity & Privacy
    Networks & Connectivity
Technological Capacity
Number of Case Studies2
CAPE LightCompact
CAPE LightCompact
Cape Light was challenged with putting together a residential energy efficiency program that incorporates real-time, long-term behavior change by driving engagement with their customers.They turned to People Power (PPC) to provide them with both the underlying technology and the marketing and education needed to engage with their customers in a fun, flexible manner, which in turn would drive energy savings. Cape Light chose People Power because only PPC had the requisite combination of Green Button expertise, mobile, web and back-end infrastructure, and proven behavioral science knowledge.
New People Power IoT Suite To Offer Connected Lifestyle Improvements
New People Power IoT Suite To Offer Connected Lifestyle Improvements
People Power was trying to build out an affordable, robust, and customizable software stack that allows service providers and manufacturers to grow revenues by offering value-added and white-label security, energy and home care services. 
Number of Software1
People Power IoT Suite
A comprehensive IoT solution for service providers and manufacturers.The People Power IoT Suite enables rapid connection, engagement, delivery and management of IoT projects for forward-thinking business partners who understand the opportunity of delivering connected lifestyle improvements to their customers.
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