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Other Machine Co.

United States
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Other Machine Co. is blending hardware innovation with accessible software and inclusive community to transform the way our world is designed and manufactured. They believe that the process of going from idea to object should be seamless. OMC enables this experience through the careful design of their tools ― hardware, software, and community. Their team has decades of applied knowledge of CNC machines and software, and as a result, they understand the path to a full-stack user experience that will create passionate users.
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Hardware products that are used by end users that contain IoT technology.
Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Developing custom hardware for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
Developing custom software for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
Number of Hardware1
AIleaf (Edge IOT Gateway)
Off-the shelf, ready to Deploy.● Easily Programmable for Business Application Requirements.● Support Docker Based Application Deployment.● Cloud Connectivity : WiFi, Ethernet, 3G/4G ( Redundancy Optional)● Interfaces : Analog, BLe, I2C, GPIO, Modbus, 4-20 mAh Current Loop● Processing Power : Quad Core A53, 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM● Enclosures: IP65 Aluminium enclosure● OS : Debian Linux● Storage : Micro SD Card 8GB (Expandable)● Power : 5V DC input● RTC
Number of Software2
Data Driven soft IoT gateway● Hardware agnostic, agent based.● Cloud managed.● Container framework to host IOTapplications.● Verified with:○ Dell 3000/5000 gateway Series○ Raspberry Pi based gateways
IoT Edge controller● Cloud/On-Premise.● Providing Holistic view of the complete IoTEdge Infrastructure.● Single point to Debug/Control/Manageyour Complete Infrastructure.● Detect Topology, Data loss/SLA violations,sensor and gateway operational states,anomalies… Essentially reporting EdgeInfrastructure Health.
Number of Similar Suppliers8
IndigoVerge provides Internet of Things IoT consulting and software solutions allowing customers to increase efficiencies and unleash their full business potential. We leverage the latest IoT technologies to provide you with the biggest possible competitive advantage.
Innovizo is a consulting firm specializing in business transformation through data science and software development. We are a company of experienced software engineers, data scientists, strategists, and designers with expertise in data-driven product development and experimentation. We work in holistic teams trained in strategic and agile approaches: whether you’re using your data to understand your customers or build new go-to-market offerings, we help you align each project with your business objectives. We help our clients be successful by taking the vast amounts of data they collect and transform that data into information and insight. We can help you consolidate and organize the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data at your disposal into a meaningful understanding of where your organization is, what it needs to prosper, and how it can get there.
Established in 2002 by two Silicon Valley professionals, Vantron Technology is a leading provider of low-power embedded systems,IoT (Internet of Things) gateways, and software solutions to its OEM/ODM customers. Taking advantages of the fast growth of embedded computer market and applications of IoT in nearly every fields, Vantron has grown significantly every year. Today, Vantron has customers including Fortune 500 companies in a number of counties and regions around the world such as United States, Europe, Singapore, Indian, and China etc.. In addition to ready-to-run embedded computer systems, Vantron can also provide assistance in application software development; tailor its embedded computer systems based on customers' requirements, and offer turn-key manufacturing services. For a better support of its customers, Vantron has established subsidiaries/offices in Pleasanton, California; Chengdu, China; Suzhou, China; Tianjin, China; and Singapore.Vantron offers both ARM and Intel X86 based Single Board Computers in various industrial form factors, a completed IoT gateway and industrial router family which covers low- to high- industrial applications, and industrial HMIs and Tablets. Our strong fundamentals in technology, effective and seamless in project management, rich project experiences and human resources will guarantee the success and on-time delivery of our customers’ projects/products. In additional, our strong embedded software engineering team has differentiated us from our competitors.
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