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Mentis Services is an international software engineering company, formerly known as SUDE. Pioneering a new approach for rendering data intelligent from the Internet of Things (IOT), we offer patented solutions that make smart city applications a reality. Our cutting-edge technology and software development expertise is based on open standards for heterogeneous systems' Interoperability. We are a co-founder of Think Global and have offices in France and Belgium.

Year founded: 2011
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Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Providing the infrastructure to store and manage data.
Developing custom software for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
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Asavie makes connectivity simple. Our mobility management and Internet of Things solutions manage, scale and secure connectivity across diverse networks. The award-winning, Asavie PassBridge connectivity management platform, enables mobile operators, OEM vendors and managed service providers to rapidly launch, scale and secure mobility and IoT smart, connected projects. Asavie partners with over 20 operators including leaders like AT&T, Telenor, Telefonica O2, Three and Vodafone and 20,000+ end-user customers in the USA and EMEA. Asavie is led by a highly experienced team, including veterans from AEP, Baltimore, Google, Openet & Vordel.Year founded: 2004
WinWire Technologies is a specialized IT solutions company focused on making information actionable for the enterprises. We help business and technology leaders achieve an "on-the-move"​ business environment by leveraging pre-built collaborative and analytic solution accelerators and cross-platform mobile technologies. Enterprises needing mobility and cloud solutions rely on WinWire’s consulting expertise and thought-leading solutions to connect their business units, employees and customers, increasing collaboration as well as quality and speed of decision.WinWire is at the forefront of the mobility revolution, focused on mobile-enabling enterprise applications leveraging native, HTML5, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and cloud as a back-end (MBaaS) technologies. As a Microsoft Managed Partner, our global business has been built over the years by helping enterprise customers realize their business goals by leveraging platforms such as SharePoint, SQL Server, Office365, as well as custom-built solutions on Azure and .NET programming framework. Founded by former Microsoft executives, WinWire Technologies is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with operations in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas and offshore development centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad in India.
Simularity specializes in software that does real time artificial intelligence for event prediction, predictive maintenance (Condition Based Maintenance), and anomaly detection. Simularity has proprietary methods to bring cutting edge machine learning right to the edges of the network, making connected devices smarter. We have created patent-pending Event Predictive Archetypes that are able to detect anomalies and predict adverse events in time series data, even on small devices with limited computing capacity, bandwidth, and connectivity. In addition, our core technology allows decision-makers to interactively create explainable, transparent, accurate predictive models without writing code.In short, we can increase your profits by creating valuable, actionable, decisions, and even new revenue streams, from your and your customers' "Internet of Things" data.
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