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Suppliers United States Japan smart home market is an opportunity of USD 10.8 Billion in 2025
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Japan smart home market is an opportunity of USD 10.8 Billion in 2025

Japan Smart Home Market
United States
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Renub Research is a Market Research and Consulting Company. We have more than 10 years of experience especially in international Business-to-Business Researches, Surveys and Consulting. We provide wide range of business research solutions that helps companies in making better business decisions. We partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Our wide clientele comprises of major players in Life Sciences, Information Technology, Telecom, Financial Services (Banking, Insurance), Energy, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, and Social sector. Our clients rely on our market analysis and data to make informed knowledgeable decisions. We are regarded as one of the best providers of knowledge. Our pertinent analysis helps consultants, bankers and executives to make informed and correct decisions.

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After the Great East Japan Earthquake in the year 2011, Japan is centering on making energy efficient smart homes and supportive devices. Japanese government push for infrastructure assistance, establishing general ECHONET Standard which helps HEMS devices and public smart home plans are some of the primary driving reasons for the growth of Japanese smart homes market. Japan smart home market is an opportunity of USD 10.8 Billion by the end of year 2025.

Robust Urban Society will promote Smart Homes Market in Japan

Japan is a unique case where more than 90% of its population lives in cities. Since, two-thirds of Japan, land is covered with mountains, leaving the country effectively with only one-third of land which is being used for living purpose. Since the majority of the Japanese citizens are living in cities, thus providing an opportunity to different smart home companies working as consumer electronics manufacturers, house builders, housing equipment maker and communication manufacturers to showcase their smart home products.

Common Standards for Smart Home Devices

As most of the Asian nations have no universal criteria for smart home devices and due to the absence of universal criteria, most of the smart home device companies have made smart home equipment on different standards, which has created integration issues.

To tackle this problem the Japanese government established a common ECHONET Standard in February 2012. In this ECHONET Standard Japanese government has formulated universal measures for smart home equipment companies which helped in the fast growth of smart home equipment industry.

Smart Appliances and Home Entertainment controls major Market Share in Japan Smart Home Market

Japan smart home market has been categorized in 6 segments: Control and Connectivity, Comfort and Lighting, Home Entertainment, Smart Appliances, Energy Management and Security. Smart Appliances and Home Entertainment contributes major market share in Japan Smart Home Market. Security is the primary focus area for the Japanese government to help the ageing population in Japan.

Renub Research report titled “Japan Smart Home Market, Number of Active Households & Households Penetration by Segments (Security, Control and Connectivity, Home Entertainment, Comfort and Lighting, Energy Management and Smart Appliances) Companies (Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation, Secual Inc, Connected Design Inc)” is a market research report on smart homes market of Japan.

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This research report studies the Japan Smart Home Market from 10 view points:

1.    Numbers & Forecast

2.    Market & Forecast

3.    Household Penetration & Forecast

4.    Market Share, Numbers Share, Penetration Share & Forecast

5.    Market, Number, Penetration analysis by (Control and Connectivity, Comfort and Lighting, Home Entertainment, Smart Appliances, Energy Management and Security.)

6.    Funding in Japan Smart Homes Market

7.    Recent Development in Japan Smart Home Market 

8.    Japan Smart City Pilot Projects and Financing

9.    Policies, Trends and Standards & Government Role – Japan IoT / Smart Homes Market 

10.  Company Product Profiling of Japan Smart Homes 


Product Category – Market & Numbers

•    Smart Appliances 

•    Control and Connectivity 

•    Energy Management

•    Security 

•    Comfort and Lighting

•    Home Entertainment 


All the Company in the report has been studied from 3 viewpoints

•    Company Overview

•    Smart Home Products 

•    Initiatives / Development in IoT & Smart Homes

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