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Honesty Smart-Card

Good Faith, Forge Ahead, Beyond
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Honesty Smart-Card Company was founded in 2010 with more than 200 current employees. The company is one of the large smart card manufactuer. With an annual production capacity of 150 million pieces, they can fill clients' bulk orders with ease. Products include contact IC card, contactless IC/ID card, RFID & UHF card, photo card and so on.
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UHF tags working frequencies between 860MHz-960MHz, can be divided into two types of passive and active tags labels. When RF tag reader antenna far-field region of the radiation field in the coupling between the tag and reader mode for electromagnetic coupling mode. Reader for passive tags to provide radio-frequency energy radiation field antennas, wake the passive tags. Corresponding RFID reading distances are generally greater than 1 m, 4 m-6 m is typical, can be up to 10 meters. General reader antennas are directional antennas, only within the context of the reader antenna directional beam of RFID tags can be read/write.
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Hardware products that are used by end users that contain IoT technology.
Bringing together software, hardware, middleware, and infrastructure components to build an end-to-end solution based on specific client requirements.
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Merit Solutions
Merit Solutions is a global business process consultant and systems integrator with offices in North America and Europe. They are a focused-strategy company with the goal of being the very best at helping clients automate, grow, and transform their business through process mapping and optimization, change management, and innovative IT consulting and development services.
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