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MultiFiber Pro Shows One Installation Contractor - Fluke Networks Industrial IoT Case Study
MultiFiber Pro Shows One Installation Contractor
Yet one such installation contractor found its progress grinding to a halt around a particularly thorny problem with an MPOdeployment. The company was in the midst of an installation comprised of two MPO fiber cassettes and a pre-tested and certified MPO trunk cable. And it wasn't going well.The manufacturer of the equipment they were using required that pass-fail limits be derived from the company's link loss calculator and then input into test tools such as a Fluke Networks DTX CableAnalyzer as a custom limit. And these custom limits are tight; stricter even than the traditional TIA-568-C industry standard. Total budgets of only 1.40 dB are common for two cassette links. And unfortunately, the installation contractor was struggling to get under this budget for one portion of a particular job.The installers repeatedly examined, cleaned, and retested the fibers without being able to solve the issue. As a result, the profitability for that particular job was vanishing with each additional hour of testing, driving the company to reach out to its distributor, which in turn put in a call to Fluke Networks.
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