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Comprehensive P&O - FactoryFour Industrial IoT Case Study
Comprehensive P&O
Before FactoryFour, CPO’s clinicians sent plaster casts and clay impressions of patients' limbs along with paper forms to their central fabrication facilities. Often, the ordering process involved several back-and-forth calls to rectify errors or clarify details in the order submission. Order data was then manually transcribed, and issued to the floor as a paperwork order. During production, a job traveler moved through each work center, and technicians referenced the paperwork order to produce each custom product.Whenever a customer called with an order inquiry, it required a tedious process of going to the floor, locating the job traveler, and relaying the order status back to the customer. CPO needed a solution that would connect their clinics directly to the manufacturing floor, providing immediate visibility for customers and managers while streamlining the process for their technicians.
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