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Elmodis provides an integrated hardware and cloud based software solution that enables manufacturers and users of electric motors (EM) and EM-powered machines to remotely monitor performance of their equipment in real time, based only on electric parameters.

Elmodis was founded by an experienced team of engineers that had worked for more than 15 years for European industrial customers in the areas of machine monitoring and diagnostics, predictive maintenance and energy efficiency. The technology applied in their implementations was developed in-house, based only on measuring current and voltage from electric engines powering those machines. The whole solution is patent-pending and has been proven in various industrial applications.

Year founded: 2015
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A lot has been written about the Industrial IoT (or “Industry 4.0”, as it’s called in Europe) and to many it seems another buzzword without any actual meaning. Indeed, it‘s very difficult to imagine its trillion dollar impact on the economy, many billions of connected devices, or billions of dollars to be spent on IIoT solutions by companies, without seeing actual examples.

However, if we go down to a factory level, it all starts to make more sense. As we can read in a special report about Industrial IoT prepared by World Economic Forum and Accenture: “With the Industrial Internet, manufacturers are already using new software capabilities to improve operational efficiency through predictive maintenance, and achieving results such as savings on scheduled repairs (12%), reduced maintenance costs (nearly 30%) and fewer breakdowns (almost 70%)”. An “IIoT State of Initiative Survey Report” by Smart Industry (May 2015) indicates that the two top benefits driving the adoption of Industrial IoT are to optimize asset utilization and reduce operational cost.

For any industrial plant (in manufacturing, oil & gas, energy, mining, etc.) to operate properly, hundreds of machines are needed to work on site. In short, they power key industrial processes by moving things around: air, water, raw materials, chemicals, or even the entire production line. These are mainly pumps, compressors, industrial fans, conveyor belts, etc. What they all have in common are electric motors that power them.

Elmodis team has developed standard models of electricity flows for the most common industrial machines, formulating an integrated hardware and cloud based software solution that enables manufacturers and users of electric motors (EM) and EM-powered machines to remotely monitor performance of their equipment in real time, based only on electric parameters.
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Martech Plus, Eplan, Damel,Owent, Ponar
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Hardware products that are used by end users that contain IoT technology.
Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
Providing the infrastructure to store and manage data.
Developing custom software for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
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Monitoring of Pressure Pumps in Automotive Industry
Monitoring of Pressure Pumps in Automotive Industry
A large German/American producer of auto parts uses high-pressure pumps to deburr machined parts as a part of its production and quality check process. They decided to monitor these pumps to make sure they work properly and that they can see any indications leading to a potential failure before it affects their process.
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Alleantia supports machinery manufacturers and large enterprises with the most demanding needs using Internet of Things (IoT) turnkey solutions encompassing device integration to enterprise applications, remote surveillance and control, machines data analytics.Year founded: 2011Revenue: $1 - 10 million (2014 est.)
DP Technology
DP Technology
DP TECHNOLOGY is a leading developer and supplier of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for a full range of machine tool applications. ESPRIT, DP Technology's flagship product, is a powerful, high-performance, full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, and multi-tasking machine tools. Year founded: 1982
Maana is the analytics platform that operationalizes big data insights into line-of-business applications. Maana enables companies to analyze data in multiple silos simultaneously, accelerating the time it takes to go from raw data to continuous insights. Enterprises are optimizing their key assets and business processes with Maana by operationalizing big data insights and recommendations into line-of-business applications for thousands of employees to make better decisions.
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Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. Its best known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, Microsoft Office office suite, and Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers.Year Founded: 1975Revenue: $93.6 billion (2014)NASDAQ: MSFT
Fogger is a full-stack complete solution, built upon modern technologies and aimed at industrial companies. Fogger acts as a layer between centralized cloud systems and industrial IoT devices. It provides a platform that allows users to process machine data using the computing power of industrial devices, significantly increasing the efficiency and providing more accurate, faster and more valuable business intelligence.Fogger provides its own software development toolkit and a platform, as well as ready-made applications. With centralized management, storage, and a real-time communication mechanism, it’s a solution capable of building any large-scale industrial application.Year Founded: 2014
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