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Dojo by BullGuard

Securing the Internet of Things
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Dojo is a world-leading IoT Security platform provider for the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) market.

Dojo Intelligent Platform (DIP) is an enterprise-grade, multi-layered IoT cybersecurity solution for CSPs that provides cybersecurity and privacy solution for smart connected devices. Dojo enables CSPs to leverage their existing network connectivity services and offer a managed, enterprise-grade cybersecurity services to their customers.

Dojo platform can be easily integrated into a CSPs network via open APIs, providing an end-to-end solution for a wide range of IoT Security use cases such as smart home, IIoT, automotive, smart buildings, mobile health ext.

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Dojo by BullGuard is an award-winning intelligent IoT Security platform for CSPs.

In the past year, Dojo has won over a dozen of IoT Security and Telecom Industry awards, including the prestigious GSMA GLOMO 2018 award and BBWF 2018 award.

Built for CSP-scale, Dojo’s intelligent IoT Security Platform (DIP) is architected from the ground up to deliver the most advanced IoT Security and parental control services.

DIP is designed to intelligently detect and mitigate a wide range of IoT related cyber threats, content filtering and can be easily integrated into the CSP's existing network via open APIs.

Dojo enables CSPs to leverage their existing internet connectivity services and offer an enterprise-grade solution to its customers.

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