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We Secure IoT. Cog Systems has been preparing for the revolution in connected device architecture since 2014. We couple the same techniques of modularity used in Cloud Computing with the fundamentals of security, trustworthiness, Robustness and adaptability to enable highly secure connected devices. Cog Systems leverages our D4 Secure Platform to isolate critical functions and services on IoT. This approach pro-actively secures these devices by reducing the attack surface and also increases reliability by eliminating single points of failure. Cog Systems embeds additional security features of double Encryption, non-bypassable VPNs, nested VPNs, and secure boot to protect both Data at Rest and data in transit. The system can scale linearly and infinitely, thus reducing bottlenecks and preserving performance. All of this is available for the IoT commercial market with the flexibility to run any and all applications effectively and securely. This unique approach provides the Assurance of defense grade security so our customers can focus on delivering best-in-class applications, performance and usability. Cog Systems, based in Sydney, Australia, leads the industry in secure connected device implementations with 30+ deployments across world governments, defense organizations and corporate enterprises.
IoT Solutions
D4 Secure uses Type 1 virtualization to deliver a more secure and productive architecture.

D4 Secure is a framework for providing security and extensibility to connected devices. The architecture isolates certain system processes and capabilities by leveraging Type 1 Virtualization to separate the functions into multiple Virtual machines (VMs). Splitting the system into multiple functional areas allows for greater operational integrity, more granular system control, and a reduced attack surface. Various rules of operation govern the interactions across functional areas and between Virtual machines. These rules ensure that the system functions in very specific ways, as defined by the specific use case.
IoT Snapshot
Cog is a provider of Industrial IoT cloud planning, design and implementation services, and system integration services.

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