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Boxie Smart Tech is the first Chinese systems solution provider based lean enterprise efficiency and cost efficiency. Boxie's R & D Center employs 25 Japanese, Korean, Chinese experts, including 6 graduate students 8 Doctorates, and 11 master's degree holders.The Center is engaged in research and development for intelligent medium to large scale lines equipment, vision systems and equipment, intelligent tools, energy-saving technologies,and has been awarded national patents.

Boxie is the first based on targeted for enterprise lean efficiency and reduce costs and improve efficiency of the system providers. Set scientific research, production, construction and technical services as one of the new scientific and technological enterprises. Group R & D Center, is a set of Japan, South Korea, the Chinese Communist Party 25 experts (including 6 graduate students, Dr. 8, Master 11), the Center after years of continuous exploration and development of cable and cable to automatically intelligent large and medium-sized package and pipeline Equipment, visual system equipment, intelligent tools, energy-saving technologies, research and development-oriented. R & D center has advanced research and development equipment, has won a number of national patents, the research and development of products by users of the majority of users.
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Sensors transform energy into electrical data; they are the eyes and ears of IoT. Actuators transform electrical data into energy; they are the muscle of IoT.
Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
Developing custom hardware for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
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