Speed is a critical success factor in Asian markets. Yet speed is not possible without a focused strategy and a clear implementation plan. We develop and implement practical strategies to grow revenue and improve operational effectiveness.

Significant value is often found in the interaction between digital technology and business process innovation. Exponential growth in computing power enables value creation in radically new ways. Yet a technical solution by itself rarely solves a need. Transformative change requires rethinking business processes and business models to realize the value that a solution promises.

We approach every situation with a pragmatic effort to align business logic with technical solutions. And we work closely with our clients to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge and knowhow during the course of every project.

Strategy Services.

Are you confident in your plans to increase the competitiveness of your operations? An effective digital transformation roadmap must balance long term vision with short term priorities, while maintaining agility in the face of change. We work closely with client teams as an objective advisor to develop and implement practical plans.
Is Asia a high priority growth region for you? If so, you will be launching new offerings that will need to be localized in order to gain traction. The era of soft competition is over. Asia contributes 48% of global GDP today. Asian customers understand their clout and expect products, pricing, and sales approaches that are tailored to them.
Asia Innovation
Hub Setup
Are your competitors faster than you at innovating for Asia? Speed is a critical competitive advantage. And you simply cannot be the fastest if you lack local capabilities. We help companies establish local teams and initiatives that integrate internal and external competencies to build agility and speed in Asian markets.
New Venture
Are you able to quickly ideate, validate, and build new businesses to support your growth? Since the founding of IoT ONE we have kept one foot in the startup ecosystem. This mindset and experience enables us to support companies in building scalable new businesses.
Business Model
Are your business models designed to win future or past markets? The next generation of growth engines will be driven by data. Our research into business models allows us to identify innovative approaches to messaging, pricing, solution bundling, and sales. We help companies extend their markets with effective business models.
Have you built an ecosystem of partners to fill capability and expertise gaps? Our world is increasingly complex. To compete in this environment, market leaders position themselves in ecosystems that provide access to ideas, market access, and capabilities. We help companies build or enter ecosystems that support their growth strategies.
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Our Clients.

We are trusted by market leaders and technology specialists.

AWS - IoT ONE Client
GE - IoT ONE Client
PTC - IoT ONE Client
RS - IoT ONE Client
Qlik - IoT ONE Client
ePLAN - IoT ONE Client
Bayer - IoT ONE Client
covestro - IoT ONE Client
TÜV SÜD - IoT ONE Client
Lenze - IoT ONE Client
BASF - IoT ONE Client
Evonik - IoT ONE Client
Fischer - IoT ONE Client
Körber - IoT ONE Client
Lenovo - IoT ONE Client
L'Oréal - IoT ONE Client
Mann+Hummel - IoT ONE Client
Michelin - IoT ONE Client
Rehau - IoT ONE Client
Sberbank - IoT ONE Client
SKF - IoT ONE Client
VOITH - IoT ONE Client

and many more…

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